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Shanghai 2010

I ordered my tickets!

Me and 3 dutch friends will be going to Shanghai to train wushu at the Shanghai University of Sport!

Looking forward to it!

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I has teh facebook.

How can you not? "Peer presure" to get an account there is through the roof :P

So yeah, I'm not much of a blog person which is why I don't post here often, I still check out the blogs of the people I'm watching here on aNd though, but as far as writing goes, I'll stick to the small status updates on facebook.

my facebook

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Dutch Open Wushu Championships 2009

So I went to the Dutch Open Wushu Championships 2009 today which was held in Den Hague and hosted by no other than aNd artist Fei Bao Xian

Unfortunately we got to know of this event a bit late we had a lot going on and by the time our teacher could decide it was a bit too late. Our laoshi decided it was to late to alter our trainingprogram to accommodate going to a competition.

Basically not enough time to prepare, so that meant our scho...Read more

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Euro's and what not

Long time since I posted a blog entry. But I figure why not.

European Wushu Championships 2008, Warsaw Poland.

If I had posted immediately after I would have more to say but I'll give a small summary.

Great event, had lots of  fun. It was a very important and fun experience. We were a small team of 4 people from our school and two people from outside of Flanders.

Will post some pics later, the video however I haven't even got myself, I'm going to ask for it though, even though my performanc...Read more

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It's all good

Last blog entry seems a bit dramatic now. True I couldn't do the btwist anymore and time was of the essence..

My teacher just said, write down the btwist (Xuanzi Zhuanti), you could always do it so you'll be able to do it again. Just write it down on your nandu sheet and go practise. In the end it worked out, I did it at the Euro's, which I'll post an entry about later.

In the meantime, here is a lil sampler from the Euro Wushu Camp I attented in July.

Video: Read more

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Butterfly Twist... are you kidding me?

So the Butterfly Twist or btwist... is a move I have always had problems with... 

Sometimes it would be good, sometimes bad. Even the style of the twist sometimes looked different, never consistent. But at least the past year I have been able to do it without too much trouble..

So we're preparing for the European Championships... We're training on sunday... I do a btwist... and for no reason I just stop in the middle and fall.. Read more

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I graduated today, went to pick up my diploma.

Haha biggest anti climax ever (no not really I wasn't expecting anything):

What was your name? Randy... oh yeah you graduated, here's your diploma, if they ever ask for it, give a copy of it... bye. So I graduated in Multimedia and I haven't got a clue as to what I'm gonna do now... Well actually I do, prepare for the European Championships 2008 in Poland. A month and a half to go .. :)

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Euro Wushu Camp is over!

The Euro Wushu Camp I talked about in my last blog entry is over.

One hell of a ride, first of all I definitely must thank:

  • Rosa Mei (former US Wushu Team) - For hosting the camp and taking such good care of us.

  • Zhang Ling Fang (former Henan Wushu Team) - For coming over from Beijing to teach us.

Despite severely tearing my left hamstring on the first day, I had a lot of fun and was able to learn a great deal from Laoshi Zhang Ling Fang.

Oh and ofcourse from Rosa as...Read more

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New Portfolio Website - Shinobi Design 2008

Beside being a wushu athlete I'm also a webdesigner.

I made a new portfolio website which you can check out here:


In other news: tomorow is the start of the Euro Wushu Camp, a wushu training camp organised here in Antwerp, Belgium.

Zhang Ling Fang (who will be the instructor) arrived today from China. He's a former member of the Henan Wushu Team and currently a professional wushu coach f...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Jun 13

Just registered! :)

Don't have to say much yet, here's a lil wushu sampler I made from clips I had lying around.

I have been doing wushu for about a year and four months and this is the result so far :)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD5bSjnQvMs

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I'm a wushu athlete from Belgium. Ethnicity: Filipino, I train at Kv-wushu (antwerp). My real name is Randy Fernandez and my Laoshi is Marc Theeboom

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