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Dead now, but not for long!

Sorry for not updating our AND page. We are still sorting out some things that's happening. And we are definately looking for more gigs to play soon. Indeed we've been very dead and quiet. No updates or activities. We'll make a come back. See you all soon!

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Introducing Wu Feng Ling's Heart and Soul

"一个黑色的風鈴,与色彩鮮艷的風鈴擺在一起,有多少人会注意它呢? 烏風鈴就是這樣。對于音樂,我沒用力堅持,也没有轻言放弃 ,就像風鈴一样,就挂着,一直挂着,等待風起的時刻…" ~~~~烏風鈴~~~~

--Wu Feng Ling's Members Introduction:烏風鈴成圓:****榮光@ Bot 位置: 主音,吉他手 (Vocal, Guitar)出生日期:1981年12月14日...Read more

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Wu Feng Ling 烏風鈴 blog has been launched!

Welcome to Wu Feng Ling newly created profile! We hope you come back and check frequently. We'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you. Feel free to bookmark this profile and recommend it to your friends. Let's all share together! 烏風鈴的空間開通了,歡迎你時常過來做客,大家多多交流哦。我們會把一些新鮮有趣的東西記錄下來一塊與你分享。也希望你記住烏風鈴的地址,你可以把她添加到你的收藏夾,也可以把她複製下來告訴你的朋友們。讓大家一起分享吧。

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