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Really happy to have you in my life

Long time didnt update my blog, lot of things wanna share but i juz dun hv time ang complained by sumone tat my blog bcome dusty long didnt update my blog....

I really happy that my life become very colourful with your existence in my life, u care me lot when i am sad and down....a person will advice me and be with me everytime...and i'm always buy lollipop for u so that u won't get tired when studying in lecture....hehe...u r so cute for me...hehe everytime make me laugh cheer me up..love u lot

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Sin Yee Birthday

hehe...so happy just celebrated my friends birthday on the past Wednesday afternoon...so happy that everyone of us enjoy it very much...hehe...as for the photo u guys can view in the photo album o hehe happy always

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Present from all my classmates

Hehe...my friend had buy me a t-shirt as my present and is my favourite brand Giordano.

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hihi...hehe...last Tuesday,me with my buddy join a very nice activity and nice experience which is the waterball...hehe...we do enoy a lot playing it although i smash by my friend haha...but is a very nice experience can go to my photo album to view the photos haha...

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Long time no write blog

Long time no write blog le..due to busy and also cant online haha...nvm is ok juz to write my blog back hehe...last month was my birthday and also one of my classmate, so my classmate had plan and celebrate our birthday in a steamboat restaurant, although the steamboat is not so nice, we still enjoy a lot haha...taking photo...just very happy my friend celebrate birthday hehe..enjoy a lot..and this month will b my another classmate birthday plan to celebrate in neway karaoke hehe...happy always 

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Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, my friend planned to celebrate my birthday...but end up cancel because every one of them are so busy of their exam so just miss it, so I just went for shopping after the treatment of my back hurt which get hurt when i was swimming last few days and the treatment was damn pain but feel very nice and comfortable maybe sound weird but is like that haha...so back to the story i just go back my last working place and chit chat with the bosses over there haha spend about an hours there. After that I went to Starbucks together with m...Read more

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Gathering of 5H

Long time didn't back Malacca already. So, once come back call my friend out for gathering. And we decided to  have our gathering in a mamak stall, so my friend fetch me there and we chit chat over there haha...chit chat for about few ours there just to wait others to come and know about each other study life and exchange opinion haha...so happy...but bad things happen by the time we want to go back. My friend who fetch me forgot to bring his wallet so suddenly got police road block and the police block us and call us stay to settle the t...Read more

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Talentime Night 09

It was the day where everyone waiting for, it is the Talentime Night 09. everyone was working so hard finding sponsors and make a lot of promotions because of this event. And now is the time to show up, so in the morning everyone was get ready keep on practice and arrange the seat for the guest. Then we have to go and change our clothes and also we need to make up and set the hair style by the professionals sponsors haha...it was so fun and after that we just wait for the time to come, and everyone was in their position waiting the time to...Read more

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So this is the day after the 2nd Promotion for TT Night

After the promotion of TT Night i went for a camp which is an ACCA camp organized by our school Financial Accounting Society and sponsor by KPMG hehe...it was so fun...that I learn a lot of things which like communicate and corperate with people that i don't know and know a lot of friends too hehe...On the first day of the camp just learn to communicate and deal with people hehe...just like having some games buying stuff and make a house with newspaper or recycle stuff hehe...and for the night for t...Read more

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After a week of promotion for TT Night 2009

Long time didnt update my blog haha...so after a week of promotion finally is the time for us to close our counter and take off everything...hehe it is a good experience that I bring all the finalist to whole the college promote themselves to call people to come for the talent show..hehe happy always

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My name is Jason from Malaysia, Malacca.So you guys wanna know what i like? For me, my hobbies are playing basketball with friends, swimming, and playing badmin


english, cantonese, mandarin
October 27, 2008