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Good Article To Share...

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Who Am I?

Still searching for my identity.....

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New Life, new cycle, new place

I've moved to Cheras now & it is also the start of new life @ new place with new cycle.  Gone are the convenience & comfortable PJ....now I need to go out earlier to work & also to go through traffic jams at selected area...Travelling time to work used to be less than 30 minutes, now is more than an hour, travelling distance is about 10km, now is about 30km.  This is only Day One...wondering how long can I survive....something need to be change soon.... <...Read more

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Goodbye PJ & Hello Cheras

In 2 days time, I'm saying goodbye to PJ & hello to Cheras...dunno what to expect yet...Cheras still very new to me @ this moment...I'm so used to PJ...I've been staying in this area for such a long time & used to it already...It's so convenient coz there're many access road to every part of Klang Valley....Furthermore, it's nearer to my workplace, less than 20 mins driving time.  From Cheras, I think I need at least 1 hr driving time & the jam is killing...which means I've to go to work b...Read more

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Cooling Up @ Genting Highlands

The weather was so hot for the past few weeks & it's so cooling up there @ Genting Highlands for the weekends...The trip supposed to be a post

Expedition Mt. Kinabalu gathering , however many could not make it as all are busy people....in the end only 6 of us went up...4 colleagues plus 2 of their spouses.  Indeed it's a good choice coz we're cooling up there.....it was so damn hot @ KL/PJ.

A...Read more

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I found a good deal - Siem Reap package

So happy I found a good bargain - flight & hotel accommodation @ about RM400 for 5D4N.  Finally, all my waiting has a fruitful returns.  Gonna book the package tonite....WOOHOO!!

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It's a lazy day today

This morning drizzling makes me more lazy....feel like spending my time on my bed ..so cooling.  After all, it's been crazy HOT for the past few months....A but still going up the hill to Genting for yet a cooler weather.... ha ha ha!


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It's the Free Seat Promo Again by Air Asia

Air Asia is offering FREE SEATS Promo Again but travelling period is nxt year from 3 Jan to 8 May.  So the cheapo me looking for bargain & finally found 1 - to MIRI aka Mulu Caves gateaway.   0 fare both way but after add in meals, airpot taxes, insurance, baggage & whatsoever the bill come up to RM92.00. Quite reasonable so I just booked 1 ticket for myself.....so next year adventure wi...Read more

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Where Goes The Fighting Spirit?

Where goes the fighting spirit of our team? We lost out in 3 games to China during last night Thomas Cup semi-finals.  I can't see their fighting spirit & burning desire to get the trophy back.  Almost 99% of the stadium were filled with our supporters which keep on cheering @ our team but they lost out tamely...all in straight sets. OMG!!!

I really salute team China for their superb performance in front of the ferocious crowd..We...Read more

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After watching yesterday Quarter-final match between Malaysia & Denmark, I'm so excited to watch Team Malaysia in Action live....Yes, finally Malaysia beat Denmark to progress to semi-final.... I can imagine the match will be a very good & exciting one....So I decided to watch live & SUPPORT MALAYSIA ...... MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Our opponents is China - a very strong opponent but who cares as long as Malaysia play whole-h...Read more

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Loves the great outdoor &amp; the beautiful nature...loves travelling &amp; meeting great &amp; beautiful people &amp; live life to the fullest!!

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