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Holland vs Slovakia & Brazil vs Chile

Another 2 games....I'm cheering for my 2 fav teams, Holland & Brazil....They are going to win their respective matches.  Go Go Go......Another 2 weeks of of World Cup to go before we say goodbye....Hopefully all my favaourite team can make it to the next round.

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England vs Germany

I believe this match will be an exciting one coz there are many supporters out there. Many Malaysians love England team probably due to the EPL.  I know many of the fans are fans of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea & they continued supporting the country - England in World Cup.  However, I don't like England...No specific reasons - I just don't like the team because too many people support them.  I prefer the "underdogs" team.  Ha ha...that's why I'm going to cheer for Germany to win tonight...Read more

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Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon

This will be the ....I'm taking part in the ....Later going to collect the ..Not doing any serious training yet....Hopefully I'm still to complete the race... .JIA YOU!!![](/attachments/2010/06/24/15/23925_2010062415030155.gif)

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Predictions Predictions

Which teams will go into the semi-finals ?  My predictions ( I hope this will really happen ) - Argentina , Brazil , Spain & Netherlands...

May the best team wins.....these 4 are myfavourites....

Go go Go Go for the GOALS!!!!!  And the CUP!!! Read more

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The World Cup fever

The World Cup fever has hit me.....Even though I did not even watched a single match yet but i followed the news everyday.  Predicting which teams will go into 2nd round.  It happens once in every 4 years....I hope I can watch some matches though....

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World Cup 2010

It's June now....another 2 weeks plus will be the ending of H1 2010.  I believe now everyone is so excited with the World Cup competition which has just started.  I can see the excitement everywhere....people wearing their favourite team jersey, stalls & shopping centres doing promotion on the souveniors etc.....mamak stalls & pub organised viewing in the giant screen for fans....In short, it's the hottest thing happening in the world now...All other problem can be put aside first.  Talking about World Cup, my...Read more

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Who Am I? part 2

Still figuring out but as i grow I learned more about myself...Why I behave in a certain way? How I live my life? I have a clearer picture now of who am I now......I'm shaped up by many factors ...... To be continued...

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My new shoes....love it so much!!!That I ...Read more

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...<aRead more

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Oooppsss...I know I make a big mistake

Today, I really make a big mistake by being very rude to my superior....I'm actually angry over an article which he passed to me - probably i interpreted it wrongly, probably his intention is different & is for my good.  But I just got so offended after reading the article - partly maybe he's just directing the article to me & not to all.  I thought if the article is so good & can benefit everyone, why he just passes the copy to me alone.....Puzzled!

There were series of events earlier which ...Read more

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