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Gua Batu Maloi Caving Adventure – 18 JUL 2010

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Total blog post

My total blog post for the has my total blog for the whole year of 2009....

but ...... , I've . &

My blog post used to be an

... . .OUR LIFE WILL BE HAPPIER>>>MY MOTTO NOW - LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!![](/attachments/2010/07/14/21/23925_2010071421030139.gif)

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I wana go Yangon....

Recently I just found out that Air Asia is having this contest - .....so I decided to try out my luck by writing a blog entry .... ..... Why not?

1.  It's one of the country that I've never been to.... , , .... ,

2.  I to travel - no matter which destination it is....just go & experience the culture, the lifestyle, the people, the food, the environment....

3.  - enjoy while we still can afford & still have the time... ....The world is so beautiful......If I cannot go to every part the worl...Read more

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Why Spain wins the World Cup

I've done some analysis why Spain wins the 2010 World Cup .... this is strightly based on my opinions only

The reason:

1.  Talented

2.  Good teamwork

3.  Play fair game

4.  Patience

5.  Smart & creative

6.  Know their individual strength & performed above expectation

7.  Focus

8.  Well-behaved

9.  Fantastic Coach

All in all, they have a very effective coach who unite all team me...Read more

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Viva Espana - Hail the new World Champion

Spain is the newly crowned World Champion - they really deserved the cup.  I didn't watched the whole game - just about 10mins of the EXTRA TIME but I know they gonna win it.  Coz in the 10mins that I watched, they kept attacking the Netherlands & their passing is superb.....I'm so happy that they won it.  Though I lost $$$ on the betting coz they did not score during the 90mins full time but I felt so happy for them.... .SPAIN the newWORLD CHAMPION & the in the world to lift the prestigious trophy....Read more

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First DIY Dinner in N years...

3 simple dishes that I've cooked for dinner few weeks ago....

1.  French beans with carrot & anchovies

2.  Fried Fish...dunno what's the name of the fish but very fresh...

3.  Salted vege with tofu & tomato clear soup

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Spain wins...

My sweetheart Spain wins... YES!!!Yes!!!Yes!! I didn't watched the game coz when I watched the game, my favourite team lost...So decided not to watch & sleep...Ha ha .... SPAIN WIN!!!Hip hipHooray ....I first came to know Spain as a good footballing country during WORLD CUP 2002 in KOREA/JAPAN.   At first, I saw the goalkeeper, IKER CASILLAS ....WOW So handsome & good looking....That's when I start loving the SPAIN team ...Read more

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Argentina vs Germany & Brazil vs Holland

This is the 2nd World Cup match that I watched & I believe everyone would agree if I say this is the best game in the World Cup....The 2 teams is so hyper charge-up & energetic...All play beautiful attacking game & fast counter-attack.  deserves the win though I support - they played a good game - It's just so unfortunate that they can't find the net.  !!! !!!!.....Nice.... & the score is

On the other hand, LOST to - that's the first match that I watched during the World...Read more

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It's just so sad - Brazil LOST to Holland

1st match

match between BRAZIL & HOLLAND ....both are my favourite teams but I LOVE BRAZILmore....

  but life goes on..... now has entered an level....More Results will be out.. of before the Grand Finals....Enjoy it while we still can...

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KL International Marathon 27 June 2010

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