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The discovery of a small lump & several swellings on my right neck, head & ear

7 October 2010:Morning: Discover a on the bottom of my right neck (on shoulder)

Evening: Went to see doctor (GP), notice another

              Dr. said it might due to viral infections & prescribed me with medicines - antibiotic, for swellings & Multivitamin.....taken the medicine for 4 days...no signs of improvements - seems like more swellings appear

11 October 2010:Morning:  Complete my last course of antibiotics, not much improvement...Read more

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I found a lump at the right side of my neck.......

This morning, I found out a on my right neck....scary...I need to see doctor.  But recently I think my health is not in a tip-top condition because I feel ...probably due to .  This condition stays on for about 2 weeks already...I feel it during my travel in Cambodia.  Then I told my yoga teacher, she said probably there's in my body....I also feel like a lot of gas/winds in my body....Sigh!!! is most important aspect in my life now.... .....I have to watch my diet & nutrition.....I've n...Read more

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Cambodia - rich with history & culture

Just came back from Cambodia - Siem Reap.....Loving it...get to know about the ancient kingdom & the rich history & culture of the kingdom.  The people there were great & very pure (not pretentious)...Will post some photos later..

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Fullhouse Lifestyle Cafe & Store

My first time there was on to celebrate my .  There were only.  I like the deco of this cafe, that's why I wana blog about it & post the pictures.  If I'm not mistaken, this cafe has been in operation for a few years already, starting in Niu Zhe Sui & now they have a few other outlets in Sunway Pyramid, KL - somewhere near KLCC & Kota Damansara.  I went to the one in Kota Damansara.

The food there is quite good.  But I love the ambience more, they have a corner to sell clothings & also...Read more

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Busy & Lazy to blog lately

These few weeks quite busy - not with work but with outdoor activities - wana blog about my travel but too tired & lazy....

BUT I went to 2 weeks ago & bought a tour package to for my family....travel date is next year...so look forward for my family trip.

Look out for my post : -

Got many pictures to share........

Signing off for badminton session..... Read more

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Celebrations of Life

27 August 2010 - I've completed the full 32 years of life....Turning 33...What a good combination of no.?

First thing to do - change my hairstyle.....My new hairstyleRead more

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Durian Durian

Read more

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August is a Fantastic Month....

I always like coz it's my birthday month & I heard & received many during this month...It's quite a busy month for me & right now I'm in the process of on a new business idea for myself....ha ha...I really wana make it work...things that I'm passionate about.  Nowadays everyone is doing their own business....Perhaps it's really the right timing for me to start up something on my own.... August! Oh IloveAugust! Read more

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Lata Berembun Waterfall 4WD Adventure – 15 August 2010

Read more

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Dress Me In Colours

Our new hobby in the office after the World Cup is dressed up in a theme....be it same colour or same design.....

We started  this new activity last week.....so far we have red, green, yellow, polka dot, 1 Malaysia,orangeetc.....

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Loves the great outdoor & the beautiful nature...loves travelling & meeting great & beautiful people & live life to the fullest!!

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