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Chinese New Year is around the corner again

In less than 2 weeks time, we are celebrating Chinese New Year for 2011.  It's time to clean-up the house, the room, go shopping, bake cookies etc for CNY....

Year 2010 has passed so fast....probably because it has been an eventful year....now we are going to 2011.  Time just passed by so fast, sometimes it's so scary thinking of it...It means I'm getting older by the day....going into mid-30s category soon......HUH!!!  This is the peak period of my life - must be enjoying every minute of it!!!<...Read more

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My first challenge of 2011.....

I got my of year 2011 - to do

I've been learning yoga for quite some time already & still not ready for headstand.

This year is the year to challenge myself to do it & practise it until it become perfect....

There are many advantages of practising headstand (i extract the following from  http://www.holisticonline.com/yoga/holyogapos_headstand.htm)

Benefits *The headstand increases...Read more

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2010 in review

Another , it's time for me to review 2010 achievement.  So far, 2010 has been a great year for me because I have achieved some major goals set in 2009.

I with my sister early this year, still under construction - almost completed - most probably can move-in by next half of 2011.  I've to tha...Read more

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Fishing Village of Sekinchan

Date: 10 September 2010

With my colleagues & their families, & a few of my travel buddies, we make a road trip to Sekinchan for the fresh seafood & also the paddy field (but we missed the paddy field coz it's off the harvesting season.  It's Public Holiday in Malaysia & we have 2 days off on Friday & Saturday so we decided to travel up north to my hometown, Teluk Intan.

I took some nice photos of the fishing village...many people came here for the very very fresh seafood.....

Read more

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All I want for Christmas this year.......

Phew......Time passes so fast...now in the last month of 2010.  2011 is fast approaching, have you set your new target/goal?  Have you achieved all your target/goal this year?  Since this is season, I have this wish to get this year....or in another word more $$$$$....

I'm minded, damn it....have to admit it coz i need lots of $$$$next year....

is almost done...need $$$ to do renovation works, buy household items, furniture, kitchen equipment...blah blah blah....Need a ....my old...Read more

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2011 Travel Plan already in planning

Before 2010close it's chapter, I already planned for my

Next year I'm going to .  It's a family trip coz I manage to get cheap package during MATTA Fair.  I've been waiting for a family trip coz we seldom travel for holidays...the last one is 2009 year end travel to Langkawi.

Thereafter, I'm going to , this trip have been booked earlier when I just came back from Mt. Kinabalu middle of this year.  At that time, I'm still very adventurous & I saw the pics of Pinnacles that m...Read more

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Meeting with Rafflesia on 5 September 2010

Date: 5 September 2010

It's a Sunday & here is my journey to say hello to the rafflesia flower (biggest flower in the world)

I always thought that Rafflesia only can be found in Sabah (which is located in East Malaysia) but I saw a picture of my boss with rafflesia.  And I asked him where is it?  He told me somewhere near Gopeng. So I did some research online and then came an opportunity in a form of group tour to see rafflesia organised by My Travel Kaki.  I have to pay RM90 to join this to...Read more

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So Lazy....to blog about my recent outing

Recently very lazy to update my blogs.....no mood & inspiration to write although I have many activities that i want to share.......More & more posts in my drafts starting from early Sept 2010 till now....This 2 months have been busy with lots of outdoor activities & travel....that I love to share.......Please wait for my update ya..

Time to sleep now.  It's 10.46p.m now...GOOD NITE!! Read more

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The Ancient Kingdom of Angkor Wat

Date: 26 - 30 September 2010

With who? 7 of my friends..... Megan, Manfernny, Sin Hwee, Poh Lean, Mei Lor, Peter& Yow Keong

Travelled by Air Asia ... Now everyone can fly....with you, we can fly more often to more places THANK YOU SO MUCH AIR ASIA

Stayed at Hotel 89 ......very near to OLD MARKET & NIGHT MARKET ....hehe more shopping

**MY ITINERARY as follows.....

(for more info of each of the ...Read more

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I am a Generation X

Cannot focus on my work hence I read back some of my saved articles....I found this in 1 of my files coz few months ago it was a hot topic in my office....the differences of generation & how they behave....I'm proud to say I'm a true GEN-X.  Nowadays, working world are dominated by Gen Y which moves on damn fast from 1 office to another office.....

This is a descrīption of GEN-X which I found online (I forgotten where is the source)

[if gte mso 9]> NormalRead more

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