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Injured my back doing yoga

Date: 4 Jul 2011, night

I've after my yoga session.  This happens after I did my plough - probably I've overstretch my back.  I felt very after that.  Sob sob...

Date: 5 Jul 2011, noon

I went to see doctor & told him about the pain & soreness.  After checking, he told me might be due to .  Asked me to give it & prescribe me with painkillers & muscle relax pills & cream.  I felt the pain sometimes & not all the time especially if it involves lots of movement like bending ...Read more

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Going to travel soon .....

I'm going to travel soon ...... counting days to it..... I need another holidays to rejuvenate but this time no more adventure holidays coz my body can't take it anymore.....This will be more relaxing trip & I purposely book during my birthday.....A birthday gift for myself.  After this trip, it's time for serious planning on my life direction.....Cannot waste more time.....Good nite everyone.....My blog is not so updated now but I'll share more on my travels here.

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Adventure 2011: Mulu Pinnacles & Show Caves

I've came back from my about more than a week ago but still cherished every moment spent there.  I , as a consolation I make it through .  To view the , we need to .  It was tough for me.  Weeks before the adventure, I already start worrying about the climb as I'm not in a good condition...my heel is aching & my feet is weak & easily stress out due to overuse.  1 week before the adventure, I joined my group of friends to hike but it was too tough for me, I almost wanted to give up befo...Read more

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Countdown to my next adventure Mulu Pinnacles 2011

Time really flies.....it's another week before I embark on my .  What I heard from people who have completed this is Pinnacles is much much more difficult than Kinabalu Summit.  Ooucchhh!!! Not too good news for me as I'm not always the fittest.  But I did went for trainings now & then.  Still worried but at the same time excited!!! WOOOHOOO......Pinnacles here I come.....GAMBATE!!  I want to strike off another goal achieved in my 2011 Goal List!!!  Wish me luck!!!

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Hiking Bukit Tabur

Finally I did it......It was a tough hike for me.....I feel my whole body aching today.

I'm using all my energy to conquered it.  Very physically drained after the hike.....But with lots of satisfaction.... And I personally feel it's quite dangerous due to the steepness & because it's all rocks.  You can see crystals too...

This is part of my training for my next adventure - Conquering Mt. Api or Pinnacles at Mulu Caves.  Life is an adventure....Enjoy it.....

Some photos to share...some are taken by ...Read more

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It's MATTA FAIR again

This weekend is MATTA FAIR.  Most probably will check out some ground packages there for my upcoming trip.  Well, recently feel kind of down & negative due to several reasons - maybe due to all those disasters happening around the world.  Doesn't feel safe to travel now as earthquakes is happening like nobody business.  But according to news, MATTA FAIR as usual is crowded with people so I should be also excited to travel.   coz we don't know what will happen tomorrow!!! Appreciate for everything that I have now... .THA...Read more

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My new toy....HTC Desire HD

After waiting for so long, finally I bought myself a new phone .  Been wanting an Iphone but the waiting just doesn't worth it. They only have limited stocks available daily & usually will sold out before noon.....The popularity never fades...haha!  I tried my luck few times with the Iphone but no result hence I decided to switched to HTC Deisre HD.  Now time to explore it....Looks like I'm not smart enough to use a smart phone.   I've signed up for training for my HTC Smartphone.  Hopefully I'll outsmart my ...Read more

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Welcoming Rabbit 2011

After Tiger, here come the Rabbit.  This year we have our with our extended family.  As long as I can remember we have been having our own immediate family reunion for many many years.  In my memory, we used to go back to Grandma's house when I was still very very young.  So this year is special as we gather for our reunion dinner at a local restaurant. All in we have 3 tables. Read more

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Jess Lee, new champion of 超級星光大道 2011-01-30 星光七 總決賽

Congrats to Jess Lee, the new champion of  超級星光大道 2011-01-30 星光七 總決賽.  A 22 year old young lass from Seremban, Malaysia.  She makes us proud with her strong & powerful voice.  Always been a strong contender & first person to get full mark 30 in 4 consecutive rounds. BRAVO!!

Her 2 performance can be seen in this 2 videos, singing 回家 by 顺子 & Listen by Beyonce

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wusx...Read more

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Cleaning & clearing old junks

I just realised that I like to keep so many .....everytime when i cleaned my room .... i throw away minimum 1 bag of old junks....be it old receipts, flyers, brochures, statements, magazines etc.  I don't know why I always like to keep these stuff for a few years & then throw it away few years later or go for recycle.   Bad habit.....

How about u?  Do u like to keep things & then only realised few years later that these things no longer important & can be thrown or given away?

I wish I do no...Read more

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