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Writing a Business Proposal

I'm stuck at writing business proposal, it's been rejected by my boss for twice already.... Yuacckks.... I hate writing business proposal... just have no idea where to start ... n Now still struggling...... I hope i can complete this as soon a spossible, otherwise i'll be stuck here....i need 2 move on....

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My cough still have not recovered yet .... almost 3 weeks already

I'm having cough since about 2 wks + ago... till now, I have not recovered.  At times getting worse... i feel it sucks my energy.  N my throat feels itchy all the times, i dunno whether it is the so called "vertical reaction" after taking the "Ling Zhi". I have seen the dr. oso & taken medication but yet still not recovered yet.... Yuaacckkkk!!!


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5 days

I just came back from staffing a training - or in other words supporting & assisting a training program.  Feel very tired but very fulfilling.  I see all sorts of different characters of people in the training and I kinda of seeing myself in there too.  I've done the training last year & from there I learn a lot about myself & my being, why I'm living the life like it is?  It's like opening oneself so that i bcome aware abt myself, my behaviour etc.  This time round, it's different situation coz i'm there 2  support d p...Read more

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I feel so lazy ..... lately

Arghh.... these few days i really feel lazy... no mood to work, when I'm wking, my mind is somewhere else...i just feel like taking a few days off & just stay at home "lepak-lepak", doing nothing.  I dunno y i hv this feeling, it's seem like a cycle, keep repeating every month, probably it's due to my hormonal change.  I prefer to stay hyperactive, energetic & enthuasistic everyday.  It's a much more powerful feeling.  Have to goback to work oledi.

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Last Friday, went back to my hometown with my cousin.  Nobody at home when I reached about 10.15p.m.  I spent my Sat & Sun at home with my parents & I feel the house really very quiet. One by one, all my sisters have ventured out frm my hometown, 3 of us in KL & my youngest sis is studying at Kampar now.

I can feel that my house is very quiet, I feel my parents must feel the same too.  In the past, our voices fill up every corner of the house whether it's laughter or we are shouting at each other.  The house is full of our vo...Read more

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Gotong-royong in orang asli village - Hulu Langat 080707

080707 at 0615hrs, all of us about 40 odd gather at the AW office & start our journey to the orang asli settlement which is about 1 hour drive away at the outskirts of KL. It is located in the district of Hulu Langat.

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Wakin 20th Anniversary Concert in KL 140707

Last Sat, I went to Wakin 20th Anniversary Concert in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil,  It was his 20 years & 1 day in the industry... Tat's wat he told us...

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More & more sales coming in

I'm so happy ..... after transfering to sales dept., after the hardwork of calling & prospecting for the past 2 mths... now i can see the sales slowly & surely coming in... Bravo 4 myself & 4 my colleague, Chong.  It's time to reap the rewards..but i won't slow down.. it'll keep me goin & goin further, keep on improving & moving on in my life.

Life is actually about taking risks,  no risks means no gain.... just like an investment, the higher the risk, the higher is the returns...  h...Read more

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My First Blog here

This is my first blog in this website... nothing strucks my mind now... just like to say hello to all the community in this website... This is me, Wildorchid from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

I found this website quite interesting and interactive, it's a very good effort from the owner & founder... keep up the good job.


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Loves the great outdoor & the beautiful nature...loves travelling & meeting great & beautiful people & live life to the fullest!!

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