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Grand Reunion Dinner 2012 - the Water Dragon Year

This year is quite special coz we have Grand Reunion Dinnerwith most of my relatives - from my father side.We have 4 tables with about 40 pax.Look.... Can you spot me?  Our Group Photo....Any resemblance?And this year we have Pun Choy  盆菜   as the first dish This is qu...Read more

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Welcoming the water dragon year

I'm back to my hometown for the Chinese New Year celebrations.  Later will be going out for reunion dinner with my extended family, this is the second year we have so many relatives together for the reunion dinner. When I was very young, I remember going back to my grandma's house for the reunion dinner.  Many many years later, we have our own reunion dinner at my own house with just my parents & my sisters - this has been on-going for many many years till last year when we started to have extended family dinner ag...Read more

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Happy NewYear 2012, 新年快乐2012

迟了一星期,可是还是要祝福大家。。。。新年快乐。。。。 Happy New Year 2012.....It's been a long long time since I last blog about anything.....Been busy, tired, lazy & not in the mood of blogging recently....Anyway, will start to blog again....Recently, my boss asked me a question...... ?My answer is I'm grateful because I still have a ....There was some health symptoms & alert that make me realised that health is important & this makes me change my diet & lifestyle.... THANK YOU FOR THAT!  And I'm grateful that all my ......WE...Read more

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Beijing Again!!! Well not confirmed yet

Last year my boss said that if we hit target this year, will organise a company trip to Beijing.  However, this year he said the trip to be postponed to next year.   Actually I'm not so keen to go Beijing because I've been there in year 2005, I prefer if the trip is to somewhere I've never been before.  But now, I doubt if he will honour his words coz he keeps on changing his mind etc....Anyway, I don't care...coz I think if the trip is on, it's a bonus to me.

Well, let me share some of my B...Read more

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I remember I wrotenot too long ago....now already it's....Phew...Time Flies.....Well,.  Imyself while doing yoga, Iagain, Imy& sales dropped a lot.  My,,,&.......OMG!!!How can this happened to me.  For people who do not know me really well, they

I'm always a person....But IN ... !!!  I hope the past will be the past & will ....Let's GO ALL OUT for the LAST QUARTER of 2011 & achieve our goals....your goals & my goals as well!!

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The fact is.....

The fact is:

  1. I'm overweight...i think nearing to obese

  2. Age is really catching up - not young anymore

  3. I'm not the top 5% of the wealthy people in the world

  4. I'm short

  5. I'm not the most brilliant & intelligent

  6. I'm lazy

  7. I feel sucks now

  8. I kinda lost interest in most areas of my life

  9. I'm not that healthy anymore

  10. I just wana go somewhere where nobody knows me.......Read more

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Beautiful sunset & sunrise @ BALI

Recently, just came back from BALI& absolutely LOVING IT....Bali is a very big island in Indonesia. It's quite near to Australia.  The about Bali is that most of the populations there are Hindus not Muslims.  FYI, Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation. & there're many to visit.  And many cultural related activities all day long.  Still there are many tourist there even after the bombing incidents which happened some years ago.  In comparison with Phuket, Phuket is infested with more nightlif...Read more

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Halo September

Time just flies....It's already September 2011.  Another 3 months plus for us to achieve our set goals in 2011.  Haven't been blogging lately...too tired & no inspiration to write.  Will be blogging about my recent trip to Bali & Bandung soon & some recent important event that happened recently.

Have you achieve 75% of your said goals this year?  If not, we have to GAMBATE!!!!!   .... ....... After months of feeling down, I'm up again now....Probably it's due to .....Thanks to , I always love August as ...Read more

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New addiction - K-drama & Ha Ji Won

Lately have been especially Secret Garden......now got a new idolwhich is .  Just - always so humble & respectful to others.  And started to take note of the Korean entertainment industry - their industry is so vibrant & different.  It's a very big industry there with lots of job especially production crew.  When I watched the of the drama, I can see for a drama to be made, they have 10 times more production crew working round the clock.  And the WOW & almost all their actors & actresses g...Read more

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Bersih Rally 2.0 709

Yesterday was a very tense day in KL due to the Bersih Rally.  Most of the major roads leading to the city centre was closed & road blocks was everywhere.  There's a massive jam just after the toll from my housing area due to road block.  Since Friday midnite, the traffic already built-up.  I was late for work on Saturday. I reached office at 10a.m - late 2 hrs.  I have to make a U-turn back, waited about 1 hrs before i can make a U-turn, the distance is just 500m.  My parents were so worried about us & called us to to check...Read more

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