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The start of Ramadhan

Yesterday was the 1 st day of the fasting month for the Muslims in prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Malaysia.  Activities have slowed down. This happens every year, during the Ramadhan month.  My office will become quiet after 5p.m coz Muslim colleagues are given 1 hr early release for them 2 go bek & prepare for ‘Buka Puasa’. Time passes so fast, now it’s September already.  In a month’s time, Malaysia will have another festive holidays – Hari Raya.  That’s the beauty of staying in this mu...Read more

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My broken shoes ....

I broke my shoes….. look at the pics.  




It was so funny, I was running towards my colleague car coz it was raining.  I’m picking up some documents from my HQ and on the way back 2 my colleague’s car.  It started raining heavily so I was running… sudde...Read more

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LOVE is all about .... you!!

I got this small little book from my friend.... It's actually a free publication initiated by a few dedicated person.  I love the contents so much, it gives me inspiration, motivates me when I'm feeling down and most of all is the power of LOVE (to love myself unconditionally) .... just like to share with all of you in AnD family.

This is the 2nd printing and they have 10,000 copies distributed all over in Malaysia free for friends, family members etc.  Some of the books have been given to people as far as Austral...Read more

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My other subscribe websites

I recently found out that I've subscribe to a few other websites, which I almost forgotten...I've been posting my blogs here & there.. Looks like my interest in a particular site is very short, the result shows.  Currently, I'm hooked to this site & I'll logon almost everyday, but as what my result shows, it will soon also be inactive already. 

My other subscribe website:

Friendster - member since Aug 2004

Virtual Tourist - member since A...Read more

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Going back hometown 2mw....

Yippie, merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!!! 2mw am going back 2 hometown, miss my parents so much... all of us (my sis) are going bek.  Family reunion... 

2mw is Malaysia's National Independance Day - our 50th Anniversary - there are plenty of acitivities across the country.  It's our Golden Celebration,anyway I'll be out of town. There are celebration every year, but I'll give it a miss every year.   The only thing I remember is the Merdeka Eve Countdown & party, everywhere is so crowded with people & car. ...Read more

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Tiredness & Sleepiness

The bug hit me for the past few weeks already. Very tired & sleepy, not energetic at all. My focus also out & I'm just not interested to work... I need a long leave just to sleep & rest... doing nothing.

I'm looking forward to Friday, it's Merdeka Day for Malaysia so I got 1 Public Holiday. I'm going back to TI & spend my long weekend there. Time for me to re-energise myself! When I come back next week, I have to be 100% fresh & ready to fly...

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Spectacular fireworks - but bad traffic jam

On Sat evening, me & my sis drove from our place in PJ to Putrajaya to watch the fireworks competition.  On tat nite is Team Italy performance.  The firework competition starts at 10.00p.m but at 9.00p.m, the place have filled up with lots of people.  There are so many cars there, luckily we manage to find a parking space. 

<...Read more

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Marathon Day - 26 August 2007

On Sun, woke up at 5a.m, get ready to go to USJ5 - Kompleks Sukan Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya for the Subang Jaya Merdeka Run 10KM Marathon.  By 5.45a.m, 3 of us are on the way to USJ 5, reached there about 6.10a.m.  The sky is still dark, quite a number of people already there, most come in group. 

My T-shirt & tag.  My no...Read more

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Last nite, went to watch this cartoon wit my colleague.  Very funny movie  with a strong message to deliver.  The show starts at 9p.m, i saw many parents bring their young kids to watch this show maybe it's bcoz it's school holidays in Malaysia.  Anyway, it's quite an educational show.

I can't remember when's the last time I watched a movie in a cinema, probably few months ago... it's tat long ah... & I everytime I watched movie at nite on weekdays, I'll doze off by the mid of the show for awhile... few min...Read more

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Running a marathon

I'm going to run in a marathon this Sunday.  It's been more than 10 years since I last participated in any marathon.  I also didn't have any practise at all, just went to FRIM last Sunday for a morning walk & trekking.  Most likely I'll walk only instead of running. Anyway, I registered for 3KM Fun Run instead of the normal 10KM run.  I'm really looking forward for that.  Hopefully, my stamina is good for 3KM. Ha ha ha.... MAlaysia Boleh, Wild Orchid Boleh!

Some of the photos that I took in FRIM.  It's m...Read more

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