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Michael Schumacher, Fighting!!!!

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Practising songs of Teresa Teng....hahaha

2013 In Review

2013 is coming to an end soon.  It is just another few days to go before we greet 2014.  Phew! Time literally just flew away especially year-end. I guess that in my industry, there are more workloads during year-end. How can I summarized my 2013in a short, brief & precisely?        [if !supportLists]Well I guess that’s about it. Don’t need to bullshit too much. Short & precise will do. My goal for year 2014 is have a healthy life, mind,bodyandsoul and to be surrounded by abundanceof , and and the people that I love and also lov...Read more

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This must have caused massive jam today...I supposed!

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Flying high with tandem paramotor

This was supposed posted up last year....but it was also kept in the drafts till this year....What is it?  It's my first time flying up in the air with thisBought this voucher from Groupon Malaysia....if I'm not mistaken, it's about RM75.  However this is just a preview as there'll be an instructor behind you to guide & control the vehicle and it's a mere 15 - 2mins up to the sky.Can't  recall exactly where this activities took place - but it was an empty land near Port Klang - probably is somewhe...Read more

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Today 111212

Today 111212 is a Public Holiday for me who is working in Selangor.....Hurray I don't need to clock in to office but still feel the pressure ...... everyday being monitored. OMG! Year 2012 almost end already....but I still yet to plan for my 2013 Goals.....Phew!  Seems like 2012 is a extremely busy year& many changes happened...Hmmm....Since today am not working....will write down my plan & also to continue my blogging again......must do it! Jia you!

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Grand Reunion Dinner 2012

This blog sits on my draft for almost a year ......hahah....just post some CNY related photos for 2012.  Counting down to a great year 2013.  Last month of 2012...how time flies.....2012 passes so fast & I hope all my goals & dreams can be achieved before the year close it's chapter.  Let's cheer for a great 2012 & greater year 2013 waiting for us.

The Grand Reunion Dinner for 2012........

All in - we have 4 tables which means about 40 pax for this year reunion dinner.....:)

All relatives ...Read more

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New Job @ New Place

It's been almostinto my new job.....and I'm stillstruggling.....feel like am at war almost everyday.....so many things to do.....yet most of the time...I do not have an answer or solutions....need to keep refer to my more senior collegues....Sometimes I doubt myself whether am I suitable to do this or not? I always tell myself...GAMBATE I CAN DO IT I CAN DO ITbut...Yikes.........OMG>>>>I need to do something different but I don't know where to start.....Time is ticking fast... Read more

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Halo again

It's been awhile I'm away from blogging.....no time & mood to write....haha... This will be my lastin my current company.  Will move on to another industry in July 2012. Just a glimpse of time, it's already Well, it's not very long neither it is very short.....but in these 4 years, I've gained a lot in terms of new experience, new friendships, ways of doing business, becoming more observant, organised many travel events for my friends & myself, more proactive socially...... It's a good 4 years of my early 30s I gue...Read more

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