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2014 Motto: Work It Up!!!

Date: 03.01.2013Time: 10.10a.mThis motto just struck my mind yesterday night before I went to sleep.  Just wrote some of it on FB, on my calendar, diary and my blog to constantly keep me in check.2014 Motto: Work It Up!!Added in 28.03.2014Let’s work it up for a more PRODUCTIVE Year 2014!!Action…Action…Action….Life is about a healthy balance, if we have lost the balance, sure we will feel the burden. The weightage has become much heavier on one side and lighter on the other side.  It has lost the balance previously and now it’s the time to regain the balance of life.Update on 28.03.2014 I am still struggling on the unbalance weightage……I need a solid willpower and sheer determination to achieve the above.  I needand I must to the correct one….no more negative energies, no more excuses….  Do not waste time anymore…Time don’t wait for you, once gone, forever gone.  Don’t be LAZY anymore…BUCK UP orLOSE UP….Gambate JOLENE!!!

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nice motto. keep going!!
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