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Long Time No See

Its been a while  I currently enjoying Facebook ..

I guess i missed a lot of things in AnD

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Happy Chinese New Year

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Aaaaaa.. my auntie and her twin's daughter's came again to Indonesia to spend their weekend for almost one month. Look's the twin's has grown up becoming pretty lady's ... ^^, I look ugly in the middle with blach hair hehehe...


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Last activities.. on this December

Celebrating X'mas Eated at Thai Palace with father and sister ... First time eated Thai food. Delicious ....

Me and my sister Anne.. We both looked so fat..

We went to Tomodachi Restaurant's. Its me and my sister again hehe ... We bot not narcis actually ..

My sister looked on the wrong direction hehe ...

Well after my biggest sister past away we tried to do something to cheer up our feeling especially in this X'mas month.. but still missed her so much ..

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Poor My Dog

Poor Mogly, she is been suffering from tumor near her niple's. The wound suddenly re-open cause this dog very naughty. So the doctor said we need to put him into this collar.. first a laught so much. She jush bash her face into the wall to release that collar..

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Merry X'Mas and Happy New Year

Merry X'mas and happy new year. I hope next year God answer my wishes : 1. Get nice boyfriend because my sister keep telling me to enjoy my life and not picky about selecting boyfriend.

  1. Healthy, for me and all my family of course.

  2. Hope next year better than this year.

  3. Success for me and my family..

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Fat Baby

Fat baby .. So round ...

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Farewell My Sister ...

As you can see .. after my big sister passed away, a lot of thinks happen in my life. Its like half of my soul gone. I was so close to her. She cooked for me, listened for all my problem, we hang out together to the mall, we shared the same hobbies about movie's, music's etc. My sister died in young age but i believe she is happy now beside God in heaven. That's why i must cheer up for her and continue my life..I believes this is happen so sudden, i still miss her, thinking about her because we shared so many memories together.. This is me and my sister when we eated together at Atmosphere Restaurants to celebrated my birthday's. I was so young back then..

So many people told us that our face so similar. I always told them OF COURSE because we are sister's hehe ...

Hmm my other sister's was here. This photobox picture was the last pic we take .. 3 of us .. its just two of us now ..

My sister PP made this avatar for me . hehe

Thanks .. Sister for everything you have one for me. I will never forget you. because you are so special for me.. You are not just my sister but you are my bestfriend ..

I wish happiness and joyfull for you beside God.. farewell sister ..

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A Story of a dog named Faith


This story is so touching.. 這隻用兩條腿走路的狗名叫 Faith(信念 ),出生于 2002年耶誕節的前夕(這隻狗是魔羯座的喔 )。


Faith的第一個主人認為這隻不能走動的狗絕不可能存活下去,因此考慮要把它人道毀滅。幸好,這時 Stringfellow家庭 (也是 Faith以後至今的主人 )發現了 Faith並願意領養照顧牠。他們決志要把這狗訓練成能走路的狗,因此就幫它取名為 Faith(信念 )--他們深信 Faith終會有能走路的一天。剛開始時他們把Faith放在滑板上讓它感受移動的感覺,後來他們用湯匙上的花生醬作為訓練它站立和跳躍的引餌和獎勵,而家中的另一隻哥基犬也似乎常常想要強迫牠去走動。奇蹟地,Faith漸漸學會用兩條腿平衡和跳躍式地前進,最後經過雪地中等的訓練,Faith已經可以跟人一樣用兩腿步行,中間只花了不到六個月的時間。Faith喜歡到處跑動,不論去到哪裏都會吸引所有人的目光。事實上, Faith在國際上已開始被廣為人知。曾經上過很多各地新聞和有名的電視節目,也有一本關於牠故事的書" With a little Faith"被出版,甚至曾被考慮過在哈裏波特"火焰杯的考驗"電影中客串。 現在此刻 Faith的主人 Jude Stringfellow已放棄了教師的職位,並計劃要帶 Faith去作世界性的探訪,傳揚"沒有完美的身體,也會有完美的靈魂"的資訊。 人生不如意事十常八九,有時,換個想法就能換個心情,

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Toilet Restaurant

Is there really toilet restaurant in china???All design is toilet..the dinner table,chair,plates,all stuff and also the foods..if were u,are u still have appetite to eat ur dish??

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