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Phra Rahu ~ The God Of Darkness

There are many legends about Rahu, you can surf the net to get all the informations needed. As each version is slightly different from another, it's up to the reader to decide on which legend he chooses. Cloth Phra Yant Rahu by Luangpor Lum

Anyway the most important thing I'd like to share today is about the Rahu my Guru Luangpor Lam did. It is carved from a wood called "Kut Thong" as "Kut Thong" always reflected whenever it is abused or hit it was an ideal choice to make Rahu from it. The special mantras written on the carved wood is meant for repelling all negative energy and bad luck, it was written also for protection. Usually it is recommended that this piece of Rahu on "Kut Thong" wood be placed on top of doorways or directly facing outwards from inside looking out towards the main door.

Rahu can be found very popularly on almost all Jatukam amulets. it was popularly carved on one eyed coconut or made into amulets from brass etc. However the best ones are made directly by the Guru himself. Some are made from chewed Betel leaves from highly revered Gurus like my guru and some aree made from special material. Whatever these amulets are made from they are done meticulously and timing is of extreme importance. Followed by intense weeks of prayers to make them powerful and efficacious.Of coz there are the skeptics but it does not matter.

Check the pic out; one of my Guru's devotees bought a piece of "Kut Thong" Wood Rahu and had it placed inside his home altar. One day due to an accident the whole house was burnt down leaving nothing behind except for a charred but undestroyed black "Kut Thong" wood Rahu. If metal and all else can be melt under extreme heat why wouldn't a piece of wood be burnt away as well? Strangely it still retained its shape. No one was at home when the fire broke out.

Luangpor Lum doing blessing to the charred Rahu "Kut Thong"

Close up of the charred but undestroyed "Kut Thong" Rahu

Some people like having a Rahu amulet hanging from behind their back in the belief that they would not be back stabbed.To appease Phra Rahu devotees buy offerings of eight black different types of fruits or food.


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