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People Born on Friday

Friday born people are happy go lucky people however the women are possessive and very sharp. Friday's women mentality and character are very manlike, if they are in business they will do very well as they have excellent EQ and many friends around them. The men in general are generous in spending money with friends and they are popular with the opposite sex. They are frugal with their own family members though. They love travelling to other countries and try their hands on new ventures.

They are however sensitive people and they take relationships very seriously, if they are hurt by a certain party they will lament on it for quite some time before they get over it. They usually wear only a few clothings although they have many in their wardrobe, they are sentimental with things they own. They seldom fall ill but if they do it may be quite serious and take longer than usual to recover.

Months which are bad are March ,July,August and September. During these months they should keep a low profile and not get involve in any venture, they should not be a gurantor for anyone. Friday people have a six sense too so they must believe in it otherwise they will get into unnecessary trouble. Their color is blue which is their day color. They somehow have an affinity with the higher beings so they tend to be spiritually knowledgeable by themselves, even if they are short tempered it is usually temporary.   

They are usually interested in business which generate big income but if they were to work for people they will also attain a relatively good post gradually.


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August 19, 2008