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People Born On Wednesday and Wednesday Night(Rahu)

Wednesday Buddha

People born on normal Wednesday before 6pm are usually not organized especially for men. They are not overly concern about their looks or the way things are placed in the house etc as these people are simple minded. They are easily contented with whatever they have and are efficient workers. They are good foreman and supervisors though. They work well in the construction field and building works, they are good technically as well.

Women are however very diffierent, they are sharp and very intelligent and materialistic, it is not easy to cheat a women born on wednesday especially if they are born after 6pm (Rahu) These women are usually in all types of business and they get things done the way they want and fast. They will not do anything which does not recipocrate into something positive and lucrative.Both men and women must be careful during April,May,June,August,September and October because during these months they will get into some issues and financial problems.

Wednesday Evening Buddha

For wednesday born their color is green and for night born (Rahu) the color is purple. Women should wear an amulet of Rahu to help them in all that they do but they should have a spiritual God Parent as well so that their charcater may tone down a little as they are known to be hot tempered, these go the same for men born during (Rahu)


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August 19, 2008