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People Born On Thursday

People who are born on Thursday usually have to lead a very independent life and have to work hard for their success. They are usually very stubborn people and cannot stand critics from others and have very few true friends in their life. They are also prone to getting heaty i.e most people born on this day tend to be afraid of the heat, they need to be in cool shade or in an aircon environment most of the time. They do not like to wait for things to get done, they rather do it themselves and get over with it. They are also straight forward in their speech and may sometimes offend people.

They will be good at Arts,Handywork,Cooks,Drivers and can't stay put in one place for too long as they are always on the move be it at work or home, they have to be kept busy otherwise they will be bored . 

Their bad months are in March,July,August and September during these months they need to be careful with their finances and decicions, better still not to get involved in job changes or investments during these months.

The Thursday women are very man-like meaning their mentality and the way they do things are more manly compared to women born on other days. However Thursday born people usually keep their word, they will treat you good if they are treated the same way however if you mistreat them even once, they will remember it . Some may think of a way to deal with you.....

Therefore if you are below 12 years of age or have a new born Thursday child there are two very important things which you need to do. You need to have a God Parent and you need to literally call him God Pa,God Ma etc when you see them, you also need to have a Spiritual God Parent; Traditionally, the Chinese would bring their children to the temple and do offerings to the Diety/Buddha or Gods which they have chosen for their children when you have done this you must go to the temple at least once a year to pay respects and do offerings. There is no expiry date for being a God Child for whichever Diety/Buddhas etc that you have chosen so it's a lifetime kind of thing.

What if you don't do the above? What would happen? Firstly if you are a thursday child and if you do not do the above either one of your parents would have passed away before you have reached the age of 33 and they would have usually passed away on the months 3,7,8,9 normally it would happen during your teens.If this does'nt happen than the parents of the child would always be quarreling or either one has an affair. After the age of 33 things will slowly start settling down.

The Buddha for Thursday is called Phra Pa-rer-hut, it would be good to wear a Thursday Buddha amulet as well. Thursday born people are intelligent and deligent people, if you have one othese people working under you rest assured that they will fulfill their job scope well, they are usually very serious people, you just need to endure their crankyness and the bit weird character.......


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