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  • People Born On Saturday

    Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 3:39PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    People born on this day are very intelligent, if they are in business they will do extremely well because they are very particular people and want everything to be perfect. Their lifestyle, clothes they wear and whatever they own must have a certain level of standard. Even if they made a mistake it would seem as if it was purposely meant to be made that way so in short they tend to be seldom wrong even if they are.

    These people are however extremist to a certain extent, if they are good they will be very good but if they are bad it would also be very bad. So they should have a Spiritual God Parent when they are young, they should be taught good habits from young or they would become rebellious later on. They are difficult people to control as they have no leaders except themselves, whatever they do they do it well in their own scope and tend to always lead. They have plenty of admirers and supporters in whatever they do. They tend to do well in most trade but the worst kind of people are also born on this day so if they have been spiritually brought up they should be reasonably good.

    Both sexes of this day tend to have plenty of peach blossom luck, they are attracted by the opposite sex easily.These people are however extremely stubborn and is difficult for them to trust anyone easily, they are very careful people when it comes to business and friends. So it is better not to offend these people otherwise you will have an extremely hard time. If they gain your trust it will definetely benefit you greatly as they are helpful towards their friends.

    Their bad months are March, July,August and September, their day color is black. They are usually good looking and have an air of mystery in them, call them an enigma.They are also weird so it takes time to understand these people.They are naturally protected by higher beings and have special ability to do things others can't. They just need to find it out themselves thats all.


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