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  • People Born On Monday

    Monday, Nov 24, 2008 5:05PM / Standard Entry / Members only
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    Monday people in general are usually business minded people especially for Men, they are usually calm in their speech and are soft spoken. For women born before 5pm on Monday they are usually very feminine and often have a fair and smooth complexion. Some of the sweetest girls I know are usually born on Monday, they are caring, loving, committed and beautiful. However those born after 5pm tend to be tomboyish and may be a little arogant.

    Monday women although having qualities of feminine nature tend to have other problems as well, they are weak, some are anaemic or have insomnia or weak heart. they often feel dizzy. Therefore they should look after themselves and take vitamins and do exercises to maintain good health.

    Women born on this day are very conservative and are always quiet (except for those born after 5pm) They tend to keep their problems to themselves. They may encounter several heartaches in their life so they should be careful when it comes to relationship problems.

    Girls should keep long hair instead of short hair.

    During months of April,May,June,August and October are not good for them they should be careful of their finances during these few months. They should not lend money to their friends etc because it will be tough collecting it back, not only will they loose their friends, they will also loose money and get themselves hurt.

    Men tend to be mostly misers but they have a weakness indulging in good food, they will be good teachers, engineers, brokers and in the travelling field or language related business.They are usually successful at work as they have good discipline.    


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