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New Star Hotel aka Hotel Bintang Baru (BB)

Yep it was another Indo trip again but each trip was always different and exciting I'd like to introduce you to Hotel Bintang Baru the Hotel which I had their Feng Shui analyzed it's also an eye opener to see what kind of services you would get if you ever want a clean, affordable and superb service you won't find anywhere in Indonesia. Don't underestimate this small hotel which runs only 87 rooms .

The hotel had a new look recently, it was painted Green and Purple the color of money for 2009. Look how funky and fresh the hotel looks.And YES! Green and Purple sure brought in some good luck for BB.

Peter Soerianto Director Bintang Baru

Pak Peter Soerianto; owner and Director of this hotel makes sure his staffs shows the ultimate respect and services to all it's guests with the highest standard. The moment you enter the main lobby you would be greeted with military styled respect. You would be saluted and every staff there would greet you with a very warm welcome each and every time they see you. It does not matter if you just stepped out and come back within 5 mins, they will still greet you all the same. The room service is especially commendable, I once called for Pak Awang the General Manager of BB just to ask him where his boss was and I was seeing him running towards me rather than walking to me. If you ever called for any room services it will be settled within 5 mins except for food orders.....well you might have to wait a little for it to get cook...........that's understandable, other than that everything is fast....VERY FAST.

  The ever faithful Awang Ananda ~ Genaral Manager( Bintang Baru)

I asked Pak Peter why he had this kind of military service styled implemented to his hotel staffs and he said that everyone wants things to be done fast, no one wants to wait and everyone likes to receive respect, so he trained and implemented this style ever since the hotel started a few years ago. I've stayed in all sorts of hotels before but not even 5 star hotels offer you this kind of services.

The food in Bintang Baru Hotel is also very good as Pak Peter is very particular in the quality of food he eats, he makes sure the food and vegetables are always fresh.Both Pak Peter and myself share similar interests, we both love animals especially fishes and birds so when I was there this time around he brought me to the Bird Market, Tropical Fish Market and than the Pet Centres in Jarkarta's shopping Malls.I can stay all day there just looking at these beautiful creatures and not a single day was boring.

Pak Peter is planning to expand his hotel soon, because occupancy rate is almost always 98%. What a success for such a young and inspirational person.Keep up the good work Peter !

**Hotel Bintang Baru

Jln Dr Soetomo, No.9 Jakarta 10710


Tel: (62-21)352 0770**

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