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Death Star-Feng Shui

We're not talking about Star Wars Death Star here but the Stars that has brought about much misery to many. Most of you have already heard about the 5 Yellow, Violent 7, Illness 2 and Quarrelsome 3 Stars and many Feng Shui Masters has recommended cures for them. Some people has asked me if there are any other cures besides the usual Feng Shui cures. Well....there are but some Feng Shui cures are indispensable and must be used.Lets take the 5 Yellow for example; This is the worst among the Bad Stars and is considered a Death Star as it brings about misfortune, death and other very undesirable things if not taken into account. So the usual recommendation for tis is to use a 5 element Pagoda. What you do is to take some earth from your garden or at the bottom of your block/apartment put it into a zip lock and inside the pagoda itself and lock it up. 5 is of Earth element so locking Earth inside the Pagoda means that you have contain the Bad effects of the Death Star.In 2010 Year of the Tiger the 5 Yellow is at the SW, therefore you put the 5 element Pagoda at the SW , you can also put it in the room if it is at the SW, however you need not put it at the kitchen, store or toilet if the 5 Yellow is at the SW.If 1 Pagoda doesn't seem to have any effect use more maybe 5 pieces.In the room apart form the Pagoda you can use gold,silver,copper or metallic colors curtains for the whole year. You can choose bed spread with these colors as well. Metallic colors represents Metal element and since 5 is Earth, Metal will exhaust Earth. If the 5 yellow is at your garden or balcony etc, you can use plants as a cure however we usually try to use an exhausting element instead of a killing element for any cures but in the case of the 5 yellow  which is deadly you can use plants to destroy the Earth Element.Illness Star 2 is also an Earth element you can use the same concept as that of the 5 Yellow, however you cannot have plants or water in your sleeping quarters although you can have them outside your living area etc. This star is terribly devastating; I had this in my room in 2008 and it started ti rear its ugly head even at the end of the 2007, I had a really bad time dealing with this Star even tough I've used many cures but eventually I have it all controlled. I use a few natural dried Wu luo(Gourd) and have special mantras written on it and hung it at all 4 corners of the room after the usual cures were put in place. It was my first time using the written mantras on the Gourd as I was at wits end and my health was getting really bad due ti the illness star . I was lucky that I learnt the mantras from my Guru and it really helped a lot, however it needs alot of time and energy into doing it. YOu can also use a 6 rod hollow windchime the more the better.I just got an email from my school mate of 30 years yesterday that one of my classmates had a stroke, it was really sad news. The worst afflicted Zodiac signs in 2010 are the Sheep and Monkey. Please take all precaution and do up your FS cures asap, its no joking matter !Violent Star 7(SE sector) is of Metal element,in order to contain this you can also use dark blue or black colors for curtains and you can use Yin Water (Water in a  bowl) to neutralize it. If you use Water in a bowl please make sure you change your water everyday, we have too much dengue cases here in S/pore already. I do not know about the rest of the recommendations but I personally use Spiritual  cures for this  Star. If say your main door is where the Violent 7 resides for the year, I use a Rahu Talisman framed and hung above the door, I use this Talisman from my Guru and it usually does the job. If you are afflicted by the #7 than you should wear a protective amulet like a Pit Tah or Shut Eye Buddha (Tok Raja's) is the best but very expensive.Quarrelsome Star  is easier resolved than the others, wear red and keep your cool. This year its at South so Horse people should wear lots of red. Place a red lamp at the South, use Red and Gold curtain or theme.If you need to see amulets etc you can check it at my website at or maybe surf the internet for more info. I'm going to revamp or update my website later as I am a little tied down with work lately.

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