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Amulets & Talismans Do They Really Work ?


Ebony Phra Rersi Amulet

In my earlier articles I've stressed that it is important that if you should decide to acquire an amulet or talisman it should be gotten from a reliable source. That is either you get it directly from a renown Guru or from serious seasoned collectors. Amulets and Talismans do have its phenomenal powers and it works as an aid to our daily lives. It helps us acquire our goals faster and it demands alot of faith from us. Like all other different religion in the world they have their own unique Talismans to help ward off negative energy. Thai amulets on the other hand is very deeply entrenched into this tradition therefore many different kind of amulets are made from different materials and are meant for different purposes.

I'm a believer of such things but I am not a fanatic or an extremist. I know my limits and I stop just there. In any case being overly indulgence of anything is bad because you get carried away and drift away from the reality of life. Some people get so caught up with these that they become obssessed by it and rather than working like a normal person they depend on these things to give them money. It just doesn't work that way. In all the different beliefs of the world they share one thing in common and it is to do good.Whether you believe in any one of these is entirely up to you.However there is a need for such amulets and talismans in our life. The Hindus use Yantras and carry it along with them, The Buddhist wear amulets and Taoists keep either a cloth or paper Talisman with them wherever they go. Christian wear crosses and Muslims have a verse of the Quran written either in copper or paper and is carried with them so almost all religion has some kind of Talisman that they use.

An amulet that is energized or consecrated by a Monk has to undergo alot of strenous rituals, it starts from the time they were made, the material used, the intended purpose of the amulet  and after that it goes thru a chain of mantra and sutra chanting for months before they are being relased to the public. Amulets of the old were even tested with guns and knife. When these were tested some people blamed it on Black Magic etc. THIS IS NOT BLACK MAGIC and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEVIL ! Mantras are verses taken from the Sutras, they are properly studied and meticulously used for the main purpose of protection. How a lay man uses it otherwise HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MONK. It was not intended for violence or vice but strictly for ones own protection. In any case there are aways abused of things in this world. Thinner are commonly sold for the use of cleaning off paint but some people abused it and inhale it as a kind of drug. So it is unfair to judge anything without first trying to be unbias and impartial in your judgements.

Amulets really help in times of need especially now that the world economy is falling deeply into reccession. Of course there are other factors like Feng Shui etc to consider about but a short cut way out is to get one and wear it. New amulets these days are massed produce and a lot of the old traditional method of amulet making is not there anymore, however there are still some Gurus who follow the traditional methods, if you find one that you are very lucky. If you have to own an amulet, save money and get a good one, do not buy one just for the sake of doing so. Find out about it before buying. There are many good ones available out there. Keep some instead of just one because you will never know which ones suits you better for different times of your life. They somehow get very attached to you and you won't leave home without it. In times of danger they will normally help you and keep you away from harm. This has been proven .

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