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Went to watch X Men.

Magneto shook Professor Charles X- Xavier's hands at the final battle against the Sentinels. Not because he was injured and about to face death but because he regretted what he had done in his past.

Remorse with sincerity not only ceases the sufferings that was once in us but also to the multitudes that surrounds us. It is not a sign of weakness to show remorse but an act of courage to do so.

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Attachment is a disease that everyone knows yet refuse to let it go.

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Your character is the key that will command the type of crowd who will respect you. Only by having a good behavior and good character commands the respect of wise and helpful people.

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Remember that it is always better to be alone than to follow the crowd that is going in the wrong direction.

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The only reason for one to exist is to learn to be altruistic, benefiting and cherishing other beings. Cherishing others opens the door to infinite good qualities, wisdom and abundant merits. While cherishing oneself opens up the door to all stupidity, suffering, and create obstacles to future happiness.

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Success is not an individualistic achievement by any one person for without the support behind it there can never be any success at all.

Remember those who were behind your success because your situation will not be the same without them.

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Tribute To A Great Teacher Ms Chang Yen Chu

Its been over 30 years since I last saw my late primary school form teacher Ms Chang Yen Chu. I only knew that she had passed on when my other teacher told me about the sad news.Ms Chang, as she was formally addressed was one of the strictest teachers in my school, she was slightly plump, wore spectacles,had short hair and carried a very stern face. Her standard posture while ...Read more

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Your Gift

Every gift you make toward others represents you, your emotions,your sincerity,your character everything. ......

There is always something that we can give you just have to search deep inside you. And when you intend to give dont give because you have an excess of it but give because you really meant to give and give if you can only accept the gift as much as you would buy it for yourself.

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To experience true happiness, do not hold back the happiness of others. Period.

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Wasting Time

Wasting people's time is making their life miserable. Taking away people's time is as good as stealing it.

If you don't want to feel miserable leave people's time alone. If you have a good reason to make things productive than borrowing a little of other people's time is justifiable. 

Time is more important than money because only time gives you the opportunity to redeem yourself to right the wrongs you did because when you're dead there isn't any time for you to do nothing. So don't waste time, no...Read more

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August 19, 2008