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Speaking of Roppongi, it is ...!

 I went to Roppongi to eat a pizza today.

Though there are a lot of restaurants in Tokyo, I think that this the first shop of Roppongi is delicious.

There is it in the basement of the amande in the corner of the Roppongi crossing. Theare is a shop named Sicilia .  It is a small shop but the taste is positive !

The recommendation of this shop is a pizza !!   !!

It is a chracteristic that dough is very thin. I like ...Read more

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April Fool's Day is ...

Culture that Japan does not have, April Fool's Day !

Therefore I was surprised to read the blog of all. Because is a special day, the contents lie down not needing to think deeply; probably. I persuade oneself.

A difference of difficult culture.

But a difference of the culture that therefore is interesting.

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The arch of cherry blossoms.


This is the potato chips of the cherry tree (by Calbee ).↑

Because a package was pretty, I bought it and ate.  Cherry tree salt and the leaf of a cherry tree finely chopped are include in potato chip.The beauty of the cherry tree does it, but the taste is the sligh...Read more

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In a moment...

Days to rely to medicine every morning it is said a pollinosis peak by a weather news and while even oneself feels it. I don't like depending on medicine very much. but  do not rely ; do not get it.  Today, I filed for the fan club precedence ticket of the special event of VANNESS. Though is this event May.10. ; is still the time of the pollinosis. I don't want to make a bet of a nuisance on neighboring people. But an event wants to go...........It contradicts it.

Tokyo is a season of...Read more

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Bright light comes in

I don't like Japan of this season. because I have allergy of cedar and the hinoki. Too bad.

And I am regret. It is news of the continuation impossibility of the Vanness official fan club. I want to support you as far as there is his activity even if there is not a fan club.  Then, I am able to read of his blog in this site, there is no problem.

I obtained good news yesterday. It seems to be perform F4 concert

in Japan in autumn. W...Read more

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a fine view

Today, I went to the concert of JayChou of Tokyo.  I like fusion of Jay's music. And a interesting.  A few years ago, I listend to his song for the first time in Bangkok. It is a "七里香".  I could listen to "七里香" today.  Yeah~!

Though my seat was front row 2F, I understo...Read more

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In Japan

At last F4 album released in Japan. I like a song and rhythm of Vanness. Even if it does not understand Chinese, it is・・・・・・・・・・・ ・・・・・・. It is saved in the case of Japanese release. Because I understand a meaning of a song by the text card insertion. 

A song as F4 likes a song of each one people, too. I want to support you both. But after all is a favorite Vanness !!  

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During a wait

I was able to get  the concert ticket of JayChou in the Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) next month.

The seat is the first front of second floor.  If there is not a person to block before, I guess the view is good. But the person will look like a dot unless, maybe from my seat.

Because the place is Nippon Budokan. Nippon Bdokan is very large and wide place.

I will enjoy the real music and song which are not a CD next month !

By the way,  When will it be that ...Read more

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Only Japan ?

Simple doubt. It is common that a cushion sticks to the chair of the Japan's train.

But a cushion does not stick to the chair of the train when I go to the other countries. And is firm comfort.  Why will be it ?

 Is there the country where a cushion arrives at to a chair any place other than Japan ?

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unique sweets

I went to Tamshui (淡水) by MRT. There were two doughnut shops when I went done the station and met to Starbucks. I thought whether there is a shop like Taiwan, but it is my thought loser

I knew that I had it of lot Starbucks and was suprised at Taiwan. There is too much it !

...Read more

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