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Hope you have an EGGSiting Easter !

Today, I wantched the "Red Cliff 2 ". The splendor of the thing(a bond) to belive is great!I cried naturally on the way. Cus, it is not caused by hey fever. ok? I think that it was good that he(Kohmei-孔明) didn't participate in attack by the physical strength. The participation only with a brain is nice, too. Becus we can enjoy the calm atmosphere. That's cool movie

I go for a trip(Hawaii) from tomorrow. If I have time, I find the Read more

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製品・サービス開始日;2009年10月8日で、終了日; 無期限(キャンセルするまで続行)






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Sorry, today use ↓only Japanese.

さきほど、Paypalアカウント日本語で作成しフレームメダル購入画面に進み6ヶ月分を選んだ。Check outボタン見つからず、Paypalボタンを恐る恐る選択してみるとPaypal画面に移った。

でも日本語じゃなく英語画面でagree~ボタンをクリックしたらAnD画面に移りComplere P~ボタン押して購入できた?みたい。

(日本語画面で購入できるのかと思ったら全て英語で、Paypalアカウント作成だけなのね日本語は・・・ )

Paypalのマイカウント画面に行くとステータスは4月8日付けで完了と明記されてる。でも確かPaypalからAnD画面に移った時の画面にStart Date; 2009 Oct 8とNext Pay Date; 2009 Oct 8って記載されてた。

ここで既にフレームメダル購入されてる皆さんに質問です!教えてくださいm(_ _)m

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Baby pink arch

At last my neighboring cherry tree bloomed at a stretch. But the cleaning of the time when a flower is scattered is very hard. When it rains, a petal adheres on a road and is hard to take in particular.

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Girl's Festival (桃の節句)

March 3rd is a day of the traditional event called the Doll's Festival(Hina-matsuri 雛祭り) in Japan. Another called; Girl's Festival. This is a day to pray for young girl's growth and happiness. Most families display set special dolls(Hina-doll)and peach blossom for Hina-matsuri. Why peach flower? becus of the peach blossom season on the old lunar calender.

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Happy Valentine's Day ! >(/////)<

Is the St. Valentine's Day a woman from a man? but Japan is opposite.( from a woman to a man.) And there is the chocolate to give for duty. And then, there is to an event for a man to return it to a woman in next month.

Are you interesting? or Are you feel strange??

I wonder. I guess, it may be to be Valentine of present Japan that somebody has spread Valentine by mistake.

You may meet the chocolate of various countries in the world when you goto the department store at this time. But it...Read more

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How this year?

At last I went to HIE-JINJA (shrine). Is it too late?? I buy this every year here. (@100Yen) I was excellent last year. 

 my sacred lot of this year.

Contents written here, My Fortune is Very Good.

"In the valley nightingales are singing, in the eaves plim blossoms are beginning to peep ...Read more

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2009 New Year's Day

A Happy New Year!


How did you spend it today? I was able to photograph the first sunrise of a new year from the room of the hotel.

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Cell phone trouble

My cell phone was broken today. A dial button panel has come off cell phone. I bought in January. I went to right away in the cell phone shop. cuz the shop becomes the new year holiday soon. My cell phone was changed about 30 minutes. Becuz it was a compensation period, phone shop changed for it a thing of the same model of the new cell phone free. I can greet the next year in this in peace.


急いで携帯電話Shopに行くと混んでたが...Read more

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Do you already ate?

Fresh caramel by Hanabatake Bokujo( 花畑牧場 ) is red-hot in now Japan!

These are net-shopping; of you can buy it with luck. Or you can seem to buy it if you go to Hanabatake Bokujo in Hokkaido.It is started by a special time sale, and all goods are sold out within 3 minutes. I gave up net-shopping.

This fresh caramel was sold in Sibu...Read more

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