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How many pepole who read this paper will there be?

One piece of paper was put in the room. Then, manual sterilization spray was put in each place in the hotel. It was only me in my family. A problem of each consciousness. But the preventionis necessary. Cus there is not vaccine for all in Japan.

定額給付金なんぞ配るならワクチンを全員に配る的なことして欲...Read more

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Shortcut to obesity (^_^;;

I know, there're many events of the school, and September is busy every year. And old school moves this year in December. The place does not change; the moving in the same sites. So a school is going to be over in opening November from August. This month have cultural festival! It is necessary having exhibition of works, guidance and preparation. But while enjoying before late summer vacation.  

Now stay in the   Kawana hotel( Read more

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hot hot!

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In mild aroma・・・

I yet try only one kind. But I think that surely the other smells are good. This can be bought in supermarkets in the United States.  "pure & natural company" so nice♪(where to buy ; http://www.pure-natural.com/where_buy.html)  If chances look in supermarkets. Becus you'll refresh surely. Then, becus the game of the homepage of here is pleasant, let's try!

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Select sandals

Sandals bought Hawaii in very good.  Nice design, comfort put on it. Even for a long time so gets tired.

The Sandals of Steve Madden is recently sold in Japan. I  several days ago saw in Shibuya SEIBU department store.

Select sandals is difficult. Problem is the size, ...Read more

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Hot dessert ♪"

An air conditioner is good, and the most of the Hawaiian shop work. I've a cardiguan and am cold. The Longhi'sresturant is not cold at comfortable temperature. It can sometimes sense comfortable wind. and nice view.

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Dim sum to eat in Hawaii.

I went to three restaurants to eat Dim sum. 1;" Royal Garden " where there is in Alamoana Hotel 3F. but I don't recommend the dish of here. cuz it is high, and the taste is terrible, too. I'm disappointed.

2; "Legend Seafood Restaurant"in the chinatown. In a shop in Cultural Plaza 1F, I enter the shop, it is handed a number ticket when tell the number of us. My number is announced when I wait outside. I can eat of Dim sum of  the Hong Kong style from $2.40-. Both ...Read more

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Overeating attention!!

There is a shop of Hawaiian Malasada in Yokohama World Porters(Japan)now. Only two kinds( sugar and cinamon sugar ) taste can eat in Yokohama shop. If you come to Oahu, you can eat six kinds of Malasada!

Malasada is portuguese doughnut. sugar or cinamon sugar is covered with. (not cream) & Malasada puffs are including various cream paste. Custard, Chocolate, Coconut and Special month cream(March & April; Banana cream). I have gone during a stay twice by bus. As a res...Read more

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The best in Oahu!

There is famous shops of pancake in Oahu. For example; Eggs'N Things, The Original Pancake House, Boots & Kimo's, Wailana Coffee house, IHOP, etc. Most of the shops forming a line from morning. Therefore I decided to eat a slow lunch. I went to eat in IHOP in Wind Ward Mall (Kaneohe) this time.

There are ...Read more

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Modern Japanese food.

Alo ha~every one !I'm home, back to Tokyo. I took a lot of photographs. So wait a little more. I wasn't able to go to North Shore this time. If I have time, I wanna go the next time. btw, There were many Japanese restaurants last year. but it decreased this year. Becus, it was high airplane's fuel oil. Japanese tourists decreased.

I discovered a new Japanese restaurant. It is " KAIWA"! ( Waikiki Beach Walk 2nd F...Read more

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