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Only a bone is left ^^

This time my lunch is Samgyetang(蔘鷄湯・ 삼계탕)! About Samgyetang; One of the Korean famous soup food. The food which it put korai carrot, glutinous rice in chicken and stewed.

There is this shop in the Apgujeong area. Turned at the corner of Seven-Eleven which faced it according to Apgujeong St. in ...Read more

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The supper of the first day

I ate dinner in COEX (shopping mall) connected directly with Samseong station . Though there was many pics outside this shop, it was only the Hangul Alphabet on a menu.

I wrote some Korean food names in the notebook beforehand and put it. It lo...Read more

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What day is Nov.11 ?

The day when I arrived at Seoul was just an event day. It is called " Pepero Day" . Pepero is Korean style pocky. Pepero done lapping or was put in convenience store and each shops.

The day when people present Pepero for a family, a lover and a friend with the feeling of thanks. It seems to be a very popu...Read more

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If you stay in Seoul!

The hotel where I stayed in this time in Seoul is Park Hyatt . Many pepole seem to think that thay say HYATT=Grand Hyatt in Seoul. It is the present conditions that most of Park Hyatt is not known.

There is the place near the Samseong station and is very convenient. In the room, a feeling of opening is plentiful. Becus there are few room numbers in comparison with the other hotels. There is space to calm and is good with stillness.

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Galleria and Taxi

This is the coat (MARK JACOBS) which I bought in " Galleria department store" of Seoul. Becus,when if I buy it in a duty-free shop of Seoul, I can receive only in an airport.

The color can put on and take off the neck in dark blue. Then it is light and warm! It was 810.000 Won. Of course I did a VAT procedur...Read more

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Is it the autumn cold ... ultimate?

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. I came back to Tokyo. I went to Seoul.

Though it came from Tokyo with a coat when I knew that I was so cold. I sensed -5 degrees bodily in Seoul.  Seoul, I who went performed it in every shop wi...Read more

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Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat !

My Halloween works of this year are soft. I used Eustoma, Geranium and Anthurium. Geranium's smell is good! Its so cool aroma~

BTW, I intended to go to Korea, I examined an airplane and Hotel situation. It is full approximately all. Why is it full that much? I...Read more

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I eat too much?

Have benn to my old school Bazaar. This year also tasted a lot of each country is full. In the Spain booth "Paella" is made. Enjoy the process is made from.

 good taste!

The thing which I ate elsewhere↓

Japan booth; cold cucumber with miso dip, beer

Taiwan ; Pearl milk tea

HongKong; Seasame dumpling, Man...Read more

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Can you find?

We were blessed with weather and were able to end a school festival for two days. These days were very busy. I am very tired and sleepy.

btw, The autumn flower is high. Becus the day of the visit to grave falls on consecutive holidays of five days(in Japan). The school festival open is right hard at this time.

The G7-G9 student arranges the flower of the basic form. The students choose a cololor and the form of vase to use. Each personal personality comes out here. And the G10-G12 stu...Read more

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easy to use

On the trip, I discovery to yummy foods! There is shop " Tokuzohmaru ( 徳造丸 )" in front of JR Ito station. This shop sell; Fisherman's food product.

For example, Fish simmered with selling vacuum. This idea is nice!!! And cryopreservation is possible. Cut fish too thick. Only eat when warming. This is cheap and can eat immediately than I buy a fish in a fish shop and cook it  and is good. Other, there is delicacies. I bought the thing which mixed a cuttlefish with a sea urchin(735Yen) and the...Read more

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