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Late lunch

There is a ( Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki Beach Walk) before the Embassy Suite hotel where I stay in. I think that the room of the park side doesn't have a thing to block, and scenery is splendid. However, the inside of the room understands that it is a low-rise building floor from the bus stop. I stepped on the elevator from an entrance and went to the 6F lobby level. When the door of th...Read more

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Visiting East Oahu

I go to Ala Moana this time while watching the Pacific Ocean from North Shore. When I depart and do North Shore soon, there are many signboards of the shrimp.  "Kahuku Shrimp" got possible to eat in various places. As for the restaurant to be able to eat while watching shrimp pond or the station wagon, in the shop, there were various types. I passed by without getting off a bus. "Kahuku shrimp" ate in Waikiki.Read more

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North Shore

I got on theNo.52bus from on that day and went for the bus trip of the Oahu semicircle. You can watch half of Oahu for$2.25-if you do not get off a bus on the way. It is about4 hoursin the time required. But, When it is an optional tour, it is around $100. The forthcoming bus does not come immediately next when you stop over. Attention is necessary!!Special seat of the buses is the edge of seats behind!  Becus even if an air conditioner is strong, the back is warm with an engine, and can my foot grow. Very comfortable and nice place. Read more

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What do you choose???

There is the shop of the frozen yoghurt for . The shop where Korea is really famous! ( http://redmango.co.kr/) does not yet have a branch. I choose the topping and order it on the frozen yoghurt. As for the   non-fat yoghurt ice, it is refreshing and no so sweet.  And the changes depending on a topping. Read more

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This hotel gives a meal free every morning. Becus it is buffet-style, I can choose the favorite thing. French toast, salad, many pineapples and guava juices. Is there little it?  I can not eat a lot from morning. In addition, becus I go to eat a lunch from now on. So, It is departed by bus to Kailua! Read more

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Good choice (^▽^)v

I stayed at hotel this time. It is the first time that I stay at this hotel! Becus there is this hotel in Waikiki Beach Walk, I was not troubled with a restaurant and shopping. The waikiki beach walkThe most of the hotel guest are Westerners, and there are a few Asi...Read more

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It is too cold.

I'm came back to Tokyo. Tokyo is veery cold!  Like a winter...... Oahu was cold, too. I enjoyed cold Hawaii of the winter to the full. And I bought a trainer locally. Though it was cool in the bus, it was a necessary item because the outside was more colder. Wind was cold, too. I think that Hawaii of the next year keeps it off in April. I like warm Hawaii. I got for bus 4 days pass ticket($25) and moved on everyday. This bus ticket is so nice. (btw, the last year $2 but this year $2.25-) It was ...Read more

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OK, are you ready?

I asked oneself. Probably I can say only Yes. But "Of course" cannot say becus I do not use the English recently. I know it is the natural consequences. Meanwhile, I run away to Hawaii from tomorrow. Becus Tokyo is a season of the pollinosis now. To get away from pollinosis. I wanna spend it refreshingly without feeling pollen a little! So, I am going to begin blog update if I return to Tokyo. Well, I've got to run~~~Read more

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Lost by pollen.

A season of the pollinosis came over this year, too. My eyes totally become the eyes which seem to be Chihuahua. But not cute. The pollen(Cedar & Hinoki) is going to take physical strength and concentration from me.

There was a good thing for me when I go to get a medicine for pollinosis from a hospital today. Having become "generic drug(generic name)"! So, becus about 3.000 Japanese Yen become cheaper than now, Read more

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I am interested in a traditional cake even if I go to country of any place. So I bought it in Korea and ate this time, too. When it says where you bought it, it is the basement of the department store! There is the place where various cakes are sold to. But I chose the department store becus it was became a sightseeing spot.

There are many traditional cake made with a rice cake. I liked a traditional cake and the mugwort rice cake which It used cinnamon powder or honey(薬菓) for.

Read more

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Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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