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Try the B-side menu!

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A pan with Taiwanese tea leaf

Food served in a pot seems to be popular now in Hawaii. I ate the pot of the Chinese tea leaf this time. Once can eat saltiness with a Chinese tea leaf and two kinds of the miso taste.

Left; Miso taste, Right; Saltiness

Shop use the pan for hot pot, but the base is not hot. As for the salmon, miso taste is good. T...Read more

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Do you know Calamansi Sherbet?

There was the sherbet of the name that did not have that I heard that I read a menu.( in TRUMP TOWER Waikiki 6F lounge) What is " Calamansi Sherbet" one? Though I did not understand it, I ordered it. Light green-colored sherbet came out.

 The taste resembles Lemongrass.

An aftertaste was very re...Read more

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게장/ 蟹醤/ Gejang (Korean food)

The shop where is soaked in the soy sauce of a Korean famous crab is it in a branch in Akasaka of Tokyo. This blue crab has good texture of thick tender crabmeat and sweetness of the crab. In addition, crab miso is goooood! When I put crab miso and rice in the shell of the crab and eat, It is delicious!! There is the rice menu which is more wonderful than this luxurious rice to use the shell of the crab for in this shop.

There is mixing rice seasoned with Korean sesame oil by much blue crab miso, Korean...Read more

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How about own-taste ramen?

I was able finally to go to the ramen shop introduced by Etchy's blog the other day before. Here is ICHIRAN(一蘭). This is a famous "Tonkotsu Ramen" shop. (About Tonkotsu Ramen; natural noodle with a pork bone broth.)

The entering meal ticket is bought for the shop and it sits on the seat. It submits it on the paper put on the table, and the seasoning of my favor is checked. And it submits it to the clerk. Both a white spring onion and a green spring onion can be chosen. In that case, it only ha...Read more

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Before blooming;・・・・・・

Cherry blossoms seem to bloom soon. I left a bud on my nail. I can draw this myself.

I stopped it in five of them when I pictured all it in ten fingers because I became in full blossom. BTW, it is a problem whether you look like the bud of the cherry blossoms. I am happy, if you look like some kind of buds.

If coloration ...Read more

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God Bless you...

 I was going to appear on the graound at the time of the earthquake of March 11th from the parking lot of the department store in Shibuya. Therefore my mother and I had a scary experience.

An iron bar and the plaster fell from the ceiling. Because a car protected us, we were safe. A sound when an iron bar fell to a windshield was scary by the terrible sound that a spark was over. When a sound and an afterimage of that time still reconsider it, I feel it terribly.

We did not make it cold to a convertible. Either mother and me ...Read more

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It is today at last!

Long time no see~ How are you? BTW, My PC was broken last month. I was not usable for about 1 month. Because a sale and a salesclerk may have told it about the end of February when they went to the shop. I waited today to enjoy a day. I bought a PC today at last!!A natural color is more wonderful than I look by this PC, a catalogue. Though I was at a loss with pink and blue, I chose the blue. Because it is easy to use the E series of V...Read more

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It began in 2011


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Casual restaurant ; Hawaii

There is ""(http://www.alanwongs.com/) in Macy's 3F of Alamoana center. It is the restaurant of the Pacific Rim. There are 2 kinds of seats. The casual table seat which there is in front of a bakery. And there is a seat with a cushion in the shop. The price is the same as taste only by a chair being different from the atmosphere of the place. The chair in the shop had better make reservations, but in front of bakery can sit down without the reservation comparativ...Read more

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