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I am interested in a traditional cake even if I go to country of any place. So I bought it in Korea and ate this time, too. When it says where you bought it, it is the basement of the department store! There is the place where various cakes are sold to. But I chose the department store becus it was became a sightseeing spot.

There are many traditional cake made with a rice cake. I liked a traditional cake and the mugwort rice cake which It used cinnamon powder or honey(薬菓) for.


The cake which this seasoned the glutinous rice which it was sultry with honey and sesame oil and fried. Very good smell and taste! Looks like a Japanese traditional sweets.

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初売りの韓国ツアーを眺めておりましたが(19800円) 結局 いけなかった。初めて一人で行っても大丈夫なとこなんでしょうか(韓国語は全然だめだ)お菓子も焼肉も食べたいし(笑)
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To jasmineT-san 韓国語ダメでも、なんとかなりますよ(笑)食べ物、美味しいしウォン安なんでお勧めです♪
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