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wet season

At last it closed with a stove in spring. but a chilly day came over from the next day. I cover it with an air-conditioner.

But the problem is clothes !

Of clothes do not yet have replacing it. Courage is still necessary to change it in summer from spring. Because, Japan is the rainy season soon. The rainy season already set in in Okinawa. July is wet season in Japan from June.

The Japanese rain feels heavy, and I dislike it. There is much moisture, too and. I understand that the rain is important. but because, as for the thing, the typhoon arrival is a thing a season in the rainy season;.........

(In Tokyo,) Means of transporation are disturbed, and both the train and the road are crowded. Or as for a signboard in the downtown falling. So, When I go out, I must move with care. Because Tokyo is not used to a typhoon, it is weak. It is not only a typhoon.

By the way, there is a place taking in the system which leads to the contribution of this earthquake disaster in the download of the ringing melody or ringing song of the mobile telephon in Japan site. The money of support seems to be sent to the victim through CCTV .

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