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Visiting East Oahu

I go to Ala Moana this time while watching the Pacific Ocean from North Shore. When I depart and do North Shore soon, there are many signboards of the shrimp.  "Kahuku Shrimp" got possible to eat in various places. As for the restaurant to be able to eat while watching shrimp pond or the station wagon, in the shop, there were various types. I passed by without getting off a bus. "Kahuku shrimp" ate in Waikiki.I got tired and have lain with the seascape all the time from Mokolii Island(Chinaman's Hat) outskirts. I woke up just before my favorite Kaneohe. I got off in again. I took a break here and bought five bottles AJAX. This AJAX is not sold in Tokyo recently. There are few places that sell this polishing powder in Hawaii. I became the heavy souvenir ordered from my mother. What I took home from by bus to a hotel was veery heavy.(T0T) 

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upper one looks like windy out there... =P
about 10 years ago
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To koko san ワイキキと違って、寂しい感じのseasideで横風も強く海側は木が少ない:)
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