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The season of the pan

I went to eat "Chanko" (sumo wrestler's stew) in Shibuya. It is a shop of Wakanohana of former yokozuna. The Chanko of the shop recommendation is salt taste type. There are else several kinds types. I ordered a salt taste type(One portion;2.600Yen).

waiting...... ...................

......several minutes later............................................

Let's eat!!


The seasoning soup stock of the chicken was heavy, but taste is light. clear soup is so yummy. Though it is simple, this simplicity is good! The spice has sesame, leek and Yuzu pepper(;green red pepper+peel of Yuzu paste+salt+mature) for preference. Finally I added porridge of " the glcomannan(蒟蒻) rice" with an option.

I don't feel the glcomannan. And the calorie is cut. nice rice!~

The next wanna try the taste of the different type! This shop's name is  "Chanko Dining 若 (Waka)"; http://www.chanko-waka.jp/index.html

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pot dish is very delicious. I love pot dish♪ 私、まだ”Chanko Dining 若”に行ったことがありません.....あぁ、行ってみたい! そして、夜中なのにお腹がすいてきました(笑)
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To cocoa-san 私も初めて行ってきたんだけど良かったですよ~お勧めです。店内はシックでモダンで明るくキレイ!BGMにNe-Yoなど流れてた。ちゃんこイメージが少し変わりました。
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井の頭線の駅のそばだったかな~ なんか お値段はりそうで 入り口見てただけでした。おしゃれちゃんこですね :)
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we were just discussing Chanko tonight... I have had it before.
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To jasmineT-san そうです、井の頭線西口のそばです。 私も以前、入り口だけ見て高そう~と思った。でもLet's try!精神が出てきてHPで値段調べてから今回、挑んでみました。
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To lulu-san ランチもやってるみたいだから、ランチを試してみては?(笑)鍋だけなら、そんなにしないけどアラカルト食べて飲むと高いかな。
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To Etchy oh~really? how the impression?
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feel hungry when I see this soup. hmm....sound yummy^_^
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To infaith this soup was delicious, too~^_-
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