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The one year progress of the effort.

The condition of my elbow which painkiller medicine cannot part with in the rainy season. It is very difficult to write a character with the left hand even if one year passes! But I became able to cope with the left hand other than writing a character. The right elbow does not yet recover completely. I still visit a hospital for treatment in a hospital.Limit domain of my elbow; 1: There is the limit of the range to be able to move the right elbow to.2: Convulsions (involuntary movement) of the right arms seem to remain.So I try which muscle relaxant works for me now. I feel that this muscle relaxant works only just a little. Because convulsive width became narrow. Convulsions seem to be taking place by the MCL, LCL injury.Now, The right elbow joint dislocation bone fracture performed reposition. And, As for the bone fracture of the radial head, the fragment of the bone which exfoliated nestles near a nerve, but seems to be still all right.... Ligament has been connected thinly, but time seems to be necessary until it comes to be completely connected.I do my best for complete recovery! 

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