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The look of the sky

The buildings of a novel design seem to have increased in Hawaii recently.


And it is a construction rush by the Waikiki beach walk now.

 ←New area/ Waikiki beach walk

The building of a plan joining Waikiki beah walk newly again!

The image of the completion plan is this.                                                                            Hawaii which changes steadily. But I avoid Waikiki if I live. I like AlaMoana areas. Because it keeps anything, and the rason is convenient.

It rained in the morning, but a rainbow appeared in the back.

 I have many opportunities to see a rainbow while traveling. This time too.

By the way, I went to eat several pancake in Oahu. As a result, I thought that a thing of  here was really good. There is it the corner of the crossing according to Alamoana and Kalia.

"Coconut Pancakes"; Chopped coconut was in the pancake.Three kinds of syrup; Maple, Coconut and Blueberry. I like coconut syrup in these 3. This syrup is not too sweeter than other 2.

Why will be it that I didn't see an Asian in this shop? Doesn't the Asian eat pancakes??

An Asian wasn't found in the hamburger shop either. There is this shop in Waikiki. Named "Cheese-burger in paradaise".The famous hamburger shop where this shop has the head office in Maui Island. It is the cheese-burger that avocado is included to like me while there're 7 kinds of hamburger menus.

The combination best of a humburger and the beer!

And I was surprised when I ordered Chinese style caesar salad. Because fried the chiaotzu on salad!!! It was the salad which was ethnic with dressing of the sweet chili sauce taste.

WAILANA COFFEE HOUSE / 1860 AlaMoana Blvd.,Honolulu

Cheeseburger in paradise / 2500 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu

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