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Speaking of Roppongi, it is ...!

 I went to Roppongi to eat a pizza today.

Though there are a lot of restaurants in Tokyo, I think that this the first shop of Roppongi is delicious.

There is it in the basement of the amande in the corner of the Roppongi crossing. Theare is a shop named Sicilia .  It is a small shop but the taste is positive !

The recommendation of this shop is a pizza !!   !!

It is a chracteristic that dough is very thin. I like mushroom pizzas. Green vegetable salad(cucumber and lettuce)else and lasagna, pilaff,pasta.

For example; Order 1pasta, 1lasagna, 1pilaff, 2salad andpizzas; less than 7.000Yen. I am used to a full stomach and satisfaction at a conscientious price.

I am glad that the taste is not changing in a certain shop from old days for a user.

 ←entrance / It in casual clothes OK.

Add.; B1F Amagi bldg. 6-1-26 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

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sicilia! 古いお店ですね。すっかり忘れていたけれど まだあったんだ(失礼) ピザは極旨ですね。
almost 12 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
almost 12 years ago
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よかった日本語の通じる人で(笑) 在日されてる方かなとも思いました・・・ご来訪いただき ありがとうございました。
almost 12 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
日本語OKです!私日本人ですから(笑) いえいえ、こちらこそご訪問有難うございました。
almost 12 years ago


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