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This hotel gives a meal free every morning. Becus it is buffet-style, I can choose the favorite thing. French toast, salad, many pineapples and guava juices. Is there little it?  I can not eat a lot from morning. In addition, becus I go to eat a lunch from now on. So, It is departed by bus to Kailua! I used the bus to eat a pancake. Shop's name;   This shop is over at 2:00PM. While I stay, the pancake of here feels happy if I can eat once. Though it is considerably sweet, compatibility with the butter milk pancake is the best! Though three pieces pancakes, volume is more. I think that I was not able to eat this pancake when I eat a lot of breakfast. I have all eaten, I'm full.

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前は並びすぎであきらめたんだよね>< やっぱ長期滞在じゃないとだめかな。
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To Hikaru 13時頃を狙って行くと、すんなり待たずに食べれるのでチャレンジしてみて!
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pancakes play hide-and-seek.:P いやぁぁぁん♪美味しそう!
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To cocoa マカデミアナッツソースが甘いけど、ここまで食べにくるだけはある1品っす♪
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