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North Shore

I got on theNo.52bus from on that day and went for the bus trip of the Oahu semicircle. You can watch half of Oahu for$2.25-if you do not get off a bus on the way. It is about4 hoursin the time required. But, When it is an optional tour, it is around $100. The forthcoming bus does not come immediately next when you stop over. Attention is necessary!!Special seat of the buses is the edge of seats behind!  Becus even if an air conditioner is strong, the back is warm with an engine, and can my foot grow. Very comfortable and nice place.  BTW, In the neighborhood of, the field of the red earth is seen on both sides, but the sea is near from a road when over.↓I took a photograph in the bus.Sunset Beach ↓It give a break for restrooms only for 3 minutes when bus arrive at the ". Most passengers get off a bus and sense fresh North Shore air bodily. I got off a bus, too. I strolled in the bus stop neighborhood. Wind was strong.

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あ!Turtle Bay Resort懐かしい!20年前に行った。。 I went to Turtle Bay Resort about 20 years ago.
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To Hikaru 道路は雨降れば水溜りが直ぐ出来てしかも滑るし渡るのは要注意かも(笑;)治安も悪いところあるし気をつけないと(汗)ですね
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To saori 20年前と今でも長閑さは変わってないかも(笑)
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