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Lost by pollen.

A season of the pollinosis came over this year, too. My eyes totally become the eyes which seem to be Chihuahua. But not cute. The pollen(Cedar & Hinoki) is going to take physical strength and concentration from me.

There was a good thing for me when I go to get a medicine for pollinosis from a hospital today. Having become "generic drug(generic name)"! So, becus about 3.000 Japanese Yen become cheaper than now,  I'm happy.

If there is not the thing that is good for a person of the pollinosis slightly, It is very hard. In my living with pollen everyday from now on untill June. I wanna escape abroad in this time!!

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I have hay fever, too! sneezing and stuffy nose since at the end of January.... (>_<) ぐるじい~。
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To koko-san Thanks! Very hard season in now. Let's do its best each other!
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To jasmineT-san Thanks! I feeling heavy everyday.(T_T)
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