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KCC-market <2>

Aloha!~In this market, there are many organic things. For example, Fresh fruit having just finished picking it off, fresh vegetables, kona-coffee, homemade bread, potted plants and cut flowers.

I found the raw longanof my special favorite!!

longan; A kind is bigger than a litchi, and the longan has a small fruit. So,there are few parts to be able to eat.

  A smell and taste are unique.


This place is cut flowers section. Alot of tropical flowers are sold. Though it is sold in Tokyo, these are high.


There is the area where a chef gives a the cooking demonstration.


The chef whom I saw here demonstrated in HYATT Hotel the day before.

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なるほど。ではクッキングデモンストレーションは次回ですね :D
about 12 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
本当ならデモンストレーションの完成した料理を試食する機会があるのだが、暑さに耐えられず途中でdrop out(汗)情けない。 よくよく考えればバス停で待機してる間、その場にいたんだから参加できたのに・・・(笑)
about 12 years ago
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おや、お料理はおあずけ、だったのですね。 しばらくハワイですか?
about 12 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
はい、暑さに負けました。 もう少し滞在したいところですが、もうじき(来週)帰ります。
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Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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