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It is too cold.

I'm came back to Tokyo. Tokyo is veery cold!  Like a winter...... Oahu was cold, too. I enjoyed cold Hawaii of the winter to the full. And I bought a trainer locally. Though it was cool in the bus, it was a necessary item because the outside was more colder. Wind was cold, too. I think that Hawaii of the next year keeps it off in April. I like warm Hawaii. I got for bus 4 days pass ticket($25) and moved on everyday. This bus ticket is so nice. (btw, the last year $2 but this year $2.25-) It was automatic, and there was the hybrid bus which opened  even if I did not push the door. Will be $3 next year ...? no way!!!!!!

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お帰りなさい~! ハワイも寒かったんですか?(@o@)驚きです!
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To cocoa ただいま~暖かいハワイに行ったはずが・・・めちゃ寒かった(>_<;)
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