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Days to rely to medicine every morning it is said a pollinosis peak by a weather news and while even oneself feels it. I don't like depending on medicine very much. but  do not rely ; do not get it.  Today, I filed for the fan club precedence ticket of the special event of VANNESS. Though is this event May.10. ; is still the time of the pollinosis. I don't want to make a bet of a nuisance on neighboring people. But an event wants to go...........It contradicts it.

Tokyo is a season of the cherry tree soon. The flowering of cherry tree is said next week. The icecream of the cherry tree which cherry blossom petals(done food preserved in salt) are in by all means is recommended if you stay in Tokyo in this time !!!  Let's try !

The beauty and the color and the taste are cherry blossom slightly. Because a petal include, hold down the sweetness of icecream, and wear well ; become smart.

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