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If you stay in Seoul!

The hotel where I stayed in this time in Seoul is Park Hyatt . Many pepole seem to think that thay say HYATT=Grand Hyatt in Seoul. It is the present conditions that most of Park Hyatt is not known.

There is the place near the Samseong station and is very convenient. In the room, a feeling of opening is plentiful. Becus there are few room numbers in comparison with the other hotels. There is space to calm and is good with stillness.

Hotel entrance(small)↑

image the left; window shade closed.    image the right; window shade open.

image bottom left; from a bathtub.   image bottom middle; bathroom.

The bathroom is warm in a floor heater.

soo nice!

It is scenic brightly overall becus there are many windowpanes. I was able to enjoy a room and the scenery from a bathtub everyday. The bathtub is deep and is long. Even if I of 170cm tall flatten a leg, It is all right enough.

The morning glow to watch from a bathtub.

There are two other Inter-continental hotel groups at this station(Samseong) by a direct connection.; but of my recommending it is Park Hyatt ! I will choose this hotel as the next!!!

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Photo 42904
nice room!
almost 11 years ago
Photo 42904
前、映画祭に行こうと思って調べたとこだ。でも 予定はぽしゃりました(泣)
almost 11 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
To jasmineT-san 残念~ぜひ次回はトライを!(笑)
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Photo 54683
I want to stay this hotel♪ シンプルでステキな部屋ですねぇ~^^こんな部屋でのんびり過ごしたい!
almost 11 years ago
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To cocoa-san ウォン安なのでソウルお薦めです♪ 来年もまだウォン安だと良いんだが(笑)
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