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How this year?

At last I went to HIE-JINJA (shrine). Is it too late?? I buy this every year here. (@100Yen) I was excellent last year. 

 my sacred lot of this year.

Contents written here, My Fortune is Very Good.

"In the valley nightingales are singing, in the eaves plim blossoms are beginning to peep out."  "Hard time has gone, You are becoing happier and happier like flowers beginning to bloom. Try everything with confidence."

☆wish : It will be fulfilled by others' help. Make friends with others.

☆expected visitor :  You'll hear good news that he will come.

☆missing thing : It will be found between things.

☆travel : You'll have a chance to meet a good friend.

☆business : Don't be too eager. Wait for the time.

☆study : Study hard, and you'll succeed.

☆speculation : Sell it now. You'll get profit.

☆game and match : Be a good looser.

☆love : You'll meet with a wonderful person.

☆removal : The sooner, the better.

☆ childbirth : Easy. Feel relieved.

☆illness : Trust in God and your docter.

☆marriage propsal : You'll have a good match. Don't be suspicious.

According to this, I seems to the most suitable year to study this year. I do my best! And I think it to be splendid even if I try it many times if  it is the same result. But one is enough for me.

おみくじ結果は 吉・・・日本語だと運勢はランク分けされてるけど大吉と凶以外は英語でVery Goodな中吉・小吉・吉なんか英語の方が枠が広くていいかも。



BTW, VanNess came to my page today. I gave it up a little. I became strong in the thought that he might not came on my page. But how!

Wow~he came over! yeah!! I'm happy :)) I didn't need to give it up. A good start seems to be possible at the beginning of the New Year. Thank you for the all of you who came!!!


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おみくじの解説が全部英語にしてあるのがえらい!私はとりあえず写真だけ載せた(笑)そしたら、中国人がおみくじの漢文を解説してくれてあった(笑)他人任せな感じです。 vannessご訪問。おめでとうございます!いいねえ。嬉しさは十分わかる!さんざん盛り上がったスーコン時でさえもうちには来なかったからねえ。あはは
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To lulu-san ありがとう(笑)おみくじ英語にしたら日本語載せるの面倒になって写真で、なんとなく感じておくれやす~になっちゃった。あはは
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Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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