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Happy Valentine's Day ! >(/////)<

Is the St. Valentine's Day a woman from a man? but Japan is opposite.( from a woman to a man.) And there is the chocolate to give for duty. And then, there is to an event for a man to return it to a woman in next month.

Are you interesting? or Are you feel strange??

I wonder. I guess, it may be to be Valentine of present Japan that somebody has spread Valentine by mistake.

You may meet the chocolate of various countries in the world when you goto the department store at this time. But it is hardship chocolate is too abundant.

btw, I imaged Valentine and arranged a flower. Becus the image of the amaryllis was Valentine of this year, so, I wanted to use amaryllis by all means.

  ~ Happy Valentine's Day !~~



ところで、ヴァレンタインを意識してお花活けてみました。今年のイメージは アマリリスだったので、どうしても使いたかった。花屋さんにオーダーしておいたので無事に活けることが出来た。

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happy valentine~❤ やっぱりvilleaさんは南国調のお花がと得意ですね!
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情熱的なValentineですね♪ステキ♪ 私は毎年、義理チョコ買いに疲れた自分へのご褒美と言いながら(笑) 自分チョコを買いすぎます(笑)
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今年は土曜日だけど。。。 義理チョコ禁止の会社がうらやましいですよね。
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今年”も”本命は無く・・・義理じゃなくてfriendshipチョコを数個、自分に初めてお高いチョコを買ってみました!旨かったぁ♪ お花、素敵でっす!(^^)v
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Hi, welcome to my page~Thanks for stopping by.(^▽^)ノ。.・* Have a good day !

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