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Girl's Festival (桃の節句)

March 3rd is a day of the traditional event called the Doll's Festival(Hina-matsuri 雛祭り) in Japan. Another called; Girl's Festival. This is a day to pray for young girl's growth and happiness. Most families display set special dolls(Hina-doll)and peach blossom for Hina-matsuri. Why peach flower? becus of the peach blossom season on the old lunar calender.

 ・・・ full set type.

They're usually arranged on a five or seven-tiered stand covered with a red carpet. At the top are Emperor and Empress. (In the Kanto area display the Emperor in the left. But in the Kansai area display the Emperor in the right.)

Next step contains three court ladies, followed by five musicians, two ministers, and three servants ending the bottom row in a five-tiered display. There're also small pieces of furniture, small meal dishes, and other things. There are three kinds doll set. [7tier/13 doll set(Full set), 3 tier/5doll set, 2 doll set(Emperor and Empress)]

There is the song for Hina-matsuri. Japanese song ↓ (For your information!)



The first meaning of this song; Tytle is "Happy Hina-matsuri"♪~

Let's light up the lamps.

Let's arrange the peach blossoms.

Listen to the five musicians playing the flutes and drums.

We'll have fun on Hina-matsuri day!

btw, May 5th is Children's Day(another called; Boy's Festival). While Children's Day is a national holiday, but Hina-matsuri is no.

たぶん雛祭りについて誰かが触れるだろうと思って載せなかったけど簡単に紹介してみました。 もっと詳しく知りたい方は radwynn さんのpageにGO!日本語訳付きです。

If you wanna know "the history of Hina-Matsuri", let's go to radwynn's blog check!!

雛祭り Hina Matsuri (The Japanese Doll Festival)

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wow~thanks^^ yep.we're going to have boy's festival too.at that time,we should blog about it too:P ありがとう!どうやらみんなが、きっと誰かがって思っていたらしい(笑)
over 11 years ago
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そうそうそう、関東と関西で、飾り方が違うんですよね! 写真はVilleaさんのお宅のお飾りですか?すごい!@_@
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to Hikaru-san you're welcome.みんなが誰かがきっと!って思ってたところが面白いね(笑)
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to radwynn-san 実はこの雛壇は知り合いの家のです。我が家は狭いので、こんな立派な雛壇置く場所がないっす(汗)
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スゴイ立派な雛飾りですよねぇ!^^ そして、関東と関西で飾り方が違うなんて....初めて知りました!
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to cocoa-san 飾り方とかの違いがあるなんて面白いですよね(笑)
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