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Galleria and Taxi

This is the coat (MARK JACOBS) which I bought in " Galleria department store" of Seoul. Becus,when if I buy it in a duty-free shop of Seoul, I can receive only in an airport.

The color can put on and take off the neck in dark blue. Then it is light and warm! It was 810.000 Won. Of course I did a VAT procedure.

(Sorry, I wanted to update the photograph of the coat. Though I tried it many times, I cannot upload it. So, I add only a photograph later if I get possible to do it.)

It was " Galleria and Hyundai " to be happy while every department store went. There are both in the Gangnam area . As for "Gallereia", the taxi use is good. There're general taxi and deluxe taxi.

Car body color; Gray or White

Cheap↓ (2400 won~)


But English and Japanese not use. Only Korean.

Car body color; A golden line is in the black

High↑(4500 won~)

Wait in a high- quality hotel

English use OK.

Even if English does not use, even a general taxi is no problem! The memo which I wrote in the Hangul Alphabet is necessary.

~Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day ! ~~

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Photo 42904
また円高で海外はお買いもの天国ですかね~ 写真、アップできないんですよ。私も。。
almost 11 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
To jasmineT-san そうですね~買物は円高のときが1番です♪
almost 11 years ago
Photo 99117
almost 11 years ago
Photo 42904
写真、アップできるようになりました(^_^)v こちらも祝ケーキのご登場!! ps 左下は食べちゃったの??(爆)
almost 11 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
To koko-san 軽くてあったかい!そして内側は赤紫色なんですよ(笑)
almost 11 years ago
Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
To jasmineT-san これはスーパーで売ってたケーキサンプル♪ だから中身も重要ってことらしい(笑)
almost 11 years ago
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>ケーキサンプル♪ aha 失礼しました(苦笑)
almost 11 years ago


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