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First Taiwan

I came back to Tokyo from Taiwan a few days ago. I went to Taiwan for the first time. I was interested in food served in a pot.

The simple pan which the sour cninese cabbage and pork which let you ferment which I ate in a shop of  " 長白 " enter.

I started the taste that a chinese cabbage of the taste such as vegitables pickled unusually long period of time which said in Japan had good.

This the pan which one pan divide it into 2, and can enjoy two kinds of taste.・・・" 火鍋 "

2kinds of hot soup and the soup which are not hot. The pan that this place that I take one's favorite ingredient and can enter a pan and eat is simple. A lot of ingredient materials have a kind.

For me who can not speak Chinese, courage is necessary to enter the first shop. But I want to eat !! I entered  the 火鍋shop named " MK ".

When the tourist does not come to this shop where I thought. without though I don't understand a certain ingredient materials and asked the person of the shop, understanding it. So  I had the staff write it by a letter, but there was not it from for me. It   花枝. What 's 花枝? I returned to the hotel and asked the staff of the hotel. " 花枝 " was a cuttlefish. Oh~I see.

Because I love it, I was staying, and 火鍋 of this "MK" went to eat many times.

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